29 May 2016


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^^ Do you follow along with my Instagram? If you do then you may recognise some of these pictures from the week!^^

1. Finding a super-inspirational fitness YouTuber called Beth Trueman. She is super sweet and easy to watch and I am literally binge-watching her videos! Whilst I am nearing 40 (!) and Beth is only in her early 20's, she is so informative and motivational to watch, for me at least. She enriches her videos with her vast knowledge of nutrition (she is currently studying Sports and Exercise Science) and shares great food options and healthy, macro-friendly recipes. What I am often put-off by with other fitness people is the kind of arrogance that can come over on videos etc, but you won't find any of that with Beth, she is well worth a follow in my book! If you want to read more about her then just hop on over to her website

2. Tea. I have been avoiding drinking a proper cup of tea for the last three weeks, trying to get all the habit-food/drink out of my diet. I have now re-introduced one a day and it is wonderful! I'm British alright, I need my tea! We all know it solves all sorts of problems in life!

3. Finding the film 'The Fault In Our Stars' in Tesco for the bargain price of three pounds! I read the book when it was super-popular and, despite crying my eyes out, absolutely adored the story. I don't ever spend money on DVD's really, but had to get this, so will be watching it in the next few days... swollen eyes here I come!

4. Early-rises. Recently, I have been more energised than normal. Probably because of my new healthy eating plan and copious supplements (!) and I have found myself waking up with a bit more of a spring in my step than normal and loving it. For example, right now, it is just gone 6am and I am wide awake and enjoying the bird song outside my office window while I type. The early morning silence, interrupted only by our feathered friends is something I can't get enough of.

5. An imminent week off. Finally half term has come around and I have the entire week off. As a full-time employee at the school I work in, I don't naturally have all the holidays off, but I have taken this whole week as I felt my brain dissolving in my skull! Joe is off too, which means a couple of days out (Ikea being one of them - woo-hoo!) and also means I can hit the gym in the day time too. I also have a long list of 'To-Do's' for Leaf Lane Studio (have you been over to sign up for my newsletter yet?).

In other news:
I am patiently awaiting the arrival of payday which, for me, is the last working day of the month, because I need to pick up a new iPod shuffle for the gym. My last one has just died. Give it full credit for lasting almost ten years though! I have a super big, regular iPod, which I adore as it holds literally everything, but a little shuffle just hooks on to my workout clothes so discreetly and is cheap enough that I don't get precious over dripping sweat onto it! / Speaking of workout music... maybe I am having a mid-life crisis, but I have taken to craving hip-hop music whilst I lift weights. Not sure if this makes me super embarrassing or cool (probably the first one!). Maybe it is the tempo, or maybe it is the fact that they are so angry that makes me lift heavier? / I am working on a new blog header and little spruce up... I am easily bored and like to push myself to create new things so stand by. / I held a six week old puppy, a little Jack Russell named... Jack and it was the most heart warming thing ever! / Gizmo has shunned being in-doors now it is warmer and sleeps in her little outdoor house now... I miss having the bear on our bed at night. I feel like a mother who is anxiously hoping her teenager, who has gone out all night, is okay. Stupid I know. Every morning I find her all cosy and warm in her box, but I worry all night anyway.

What's new for you guys? Leave me a comment below telling me what you have been up to!

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