20 May 2016


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^^This image is from Pinterest & also happens to be what I will be doing on Sunday, post-gym^^

Another crazy week down, one more to go until half term strikes...yes! I decided to celebrate my amazing tiredness last night by rubbing my ear and my eye... post chilli chopping. Oopsie! Not recommended people, not at all.

Let's get straight into this post. 

Here are the things I have been most grateful for this week...

1. I am nearly two weeks in to my new fitness plan and so far, so good! I am down 3kgs and a small percentage of body fat, which is awesome and, other than today, my energy levels are amazing! I have finally gotten used to counting macros and cooking/prepping endless meals and the two squares (20g) of 85% dark chocolate I programme into My Fitness Pal every morning, ready for my evening snack, is keeping me going!

2. This week I have been getting all musically nostalgic. It is highly embarrassing telling you what with, but I am going to anyway! I rediscovered Busted's album 'A Present for Everyone' on Spotify, and have been playing it to death (okay, okay, I also bought it on iTunes!). Sometimes it isn't about the people singing the songs, but about what memories they bring back! The songs are as cheesy as hell, but they make me laugh, and remind me of the days I used to work in the gym! 

3. A Boden delivery that actually all fit me! Amazing. Not so good for the bank balance perhaps. I will try and do a mini-haul on my Snapchat this weekend if you are interested. My username is 'lucycarterart' - so add me on and we can chat!

4. Protein pancakes. They sound like they may taste gross, just by the fact that they have the word 'protein' in them, but rest assured, they are wonderful. Magic in-fact! The ones I make are fairly high in calories per portion, but the up-side is that I know what is going into them and they fit into my macros (yep, I am one of the people that says that these days!).

5. Getting time to sit out in the garden with the hubby, which never happens because I am always running out the door or back in the door and up to plan world domination or something. It felt strange to stop, which is strange in itself isn't it?!

In other news:
I cannot stop listening to the track 'Hey Laura' by Gregory Porter. He is great, but most of his music isn't quite my style, but I heard this specific song and LOVED it so much I bought it immediately on iTunes / I am currently lusting after so much sportswear... it is my new love for the programme I am doing (and the amount of time I am in the gym kind of warrants more of a selection huh?!) / In a few days my business website will go live with a holding page (no content) but you will be able to leave an email address to sign up to be the first to know when launch day is coming! I am so excited but also super nervous! In the meantime you can search for 'leaflanestudio' on Instagram and keep an eye open for what is happening! 

Come on down to the comments and tell me what you have been up to this week! I'd love to know :-)

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