13 May 2016


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If this week had a work, it would be 'focused'. I have been super-focused all week on my goals and dreams and am feeling good for having stuck to the things I set myself. I even got out of a warm bed at 5am to go to the gym this morning (I usually get up at 5am for work, but this morning I didn't have to do that!). I joined the eager queue of people waiting for the door to open so we could all pile in and get our workouts done and, let me tell you, it felt all sorts of good driving home at 7.45am, knowing that I had done it!

Onto some of the other things I have been grateful for this week:

1. Fields of bright yellow all around. This time of year may not be so good for hay-fever sufferers but I love the fields of rape seed that are scattered all around at the moment. The other night, driving home from training, the contrast between the grey, stormy old sky and the vivid yellow fields was beautiful.

2. A work get together! One of my favourite work people left for good this week and we had a really lovely, more relaxed day at work to give her a good send off. In the evening we went to a pub and had a good old giggle, which was much needed for all of us sitting around the table! It has been a pretty full on school year thus far and I think getting out with work buddies makes you remember that it's not all work, work, work! I appreciated those few hours immensely.

3. Willpower. If you follow me on Snapchat (my username is 'lucycarterart') you will know that, last Saturday, I started a bit of a health and fitness challenge. I am now one week in and I have not slipped of the track once! I can be pretty darn determined when I want to be... some may call it stubborn! Either way, so far I am doing okay! I am planning on weighing myself tomorrow, although it is not about body weight for me, just about fitting in to clothes and dropping some body fat really. I even managed to avoid all the cake that was in work this week :-) *pats self on back!*

4. This Being Boss podcast episode all about journalling, featuring Katie Dalebout. I was big on diary keeping as a child/teen, I still have some tucked away somewhere at home, but as much as they make you cringe, they can be a useful tool for self-discovery (if you are totally open when you write on the page of course!). I love writing, and have only stopped journalling because of time constraints really, but I have been inspired to start again. Have a listen to the podcast episode for lots of ideas to get started or for a variety of different perspectives on how to use a journal.

5. My new trainers (finally!). I must of tried on a thousand pairs (okay, four!), but in all seriousness, why are trainers more like socks these days? For someone with wimpy ankles, like me, I need support and something that can look after me whilst I am leaping around the gym like a mad woman possessed! I ended up with the Nike Air Theas, and I adore them!

In other news:
I posted a bit of a long post about bravery verses perfection this week... did you see it? Tell me what you think in the comments below the post / I have gotten slightly addicted to the BBC drama 'Undercover' and have been binge watching the episodes to catch up on iPlayer. I don't think I actually understood what was going on until episode three but, in my defense, I was painting at the same time! / I have been loving the May Photography Challenge I am doing on my Instagram! Jump on over there to see what I have been posting / The hunt commences for suitable summer clothes. I sat at work the other day, sweating my... ears off and just thought 'holy moly, I have no summer-appropriate clothes really... I will never get organised will I?!

I hope you guys have had an incredible week and have an even more wonderful weekend. Come and have a chat in the comments as always!

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