6 May 2016


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I was planning on putting up a bit of a different post today, but figured that I would throw that one on here on Sunday, as I know many of you like this regular Friday one! I will keep the negative point of this week brief and say this: my tonsillitis is back. Can you believe it? Tonsils 2 / Lucy 0. Other than that though, it has been a pretty good week; let's focus on all the things I have been grateful for this week (minus gammy tonsils!).

So, let's dig into this week shall we? 

1. Finally having a few hours free to meet up with my lovely buddy Helena. I have mentioned her here countless times before (we are actually friends because of this blog!). We get together every now and again for some dinner and I always leave feeling like my face is tired from all the giggling. This week was no exception. Our main focus of conversation? Holy socks, pants (mens pants specifically) and smooth ankles (if I told you I'd have to kill you, sorry guys!). It goes to show that sometimes you meet people, via the internet, who turn into life-long friends and who are equally as loopy as you (sorry H, you know it's true though!).

2. Pressies from Euro Disney! The Year 8 students went on a trip, with the teachers obviously (!), to Disneyland Paris last weekend. I got bought two cute presents. A little cat key-ring, Marie from the film 'The Aristocats', and, more randomly, a Minnie Mouse skipping rope! Love them both!

3. Warm croissants. As I start my new training tomorrow (with or without tonsillitis damn it!), I allowed myself a special treat on Wednesday morning, when a colleague brought in a warm tin of treats! I haven't had a croissant for ages! It was so good! 

4. Amazingly inspirational women. I am not going to write more about what I am talking about here, as that is going to be in the post I put up on Sunday. Needless to say, the universe sometimes hands you what you need to feed your soul, right when you need it. Stay tuned for Sunday for more on that!

5. Photo challenges! I saw, on Pinterest, a cool May Photo Challenge, and decided to do it on Instagram for this month and, although I am only a few days in, it is giving me a nice creative challenge and making me think outside the box of pictures I usually post. It has also meant that a couple of my IG buddies have jumped into the challenge with me, which is all kinds of awesome. Helen, from Seasidehelen and I are basically twins, posting similar things and I am loving the conversations that sparks up with these types of posts. Head on over to my Instagram for more!

I hope you guys have all had an amazing week and have an even more wonderful weekend. Don't forget to add my username (lucycarterart) to Snapchat, if you have it, to see some very random stuff during the week! Also, I would love you forever if you would give my Facebook Page a like too :-)


  1. I can't believe that you have tonsillitis again - hope you feel better soon lovely xx

    1. I know!! What is happening to me?! Thanks Gemma... I'm drugged up and feeling a lot better than I was last week :-)

  2. Oooh warm croissants. I used to get them for breakfast every Friday at my grandparents house before school when I was younger, but haven't had them for ages.
    I'm glad you got a nice catch up time with your friend, and the euro Disney presents sound cute! I'd love to hear the back story behind the skipping rope.

    Hollie | hollieshighlights.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Hiya Hollie... Nothing exciting on the skipping rope... just that they know i am an exercise freak and figured I may as well look sparkly doing it I think! The croissant was so darn good! Won't be having one of those for a long old time now! Once in a blue moon treat huh?! Hope you have had a good weekend. xx

  3. Was it the kids or the teachers that bought you presents? That's so cute! :) Alice xx



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