29 April 2016


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It is hard to imagine we are going into May when there are giant hailstones and sleet hitting the ground outside the window, yet here we are, at the end of another month.

As we enter a lovely Bank Holiday weekend (*insert happy dance here), I thought it would be nice to recap the month and remember what has been going on, as it all passed by in such a flash! Let me know in the comments what has been the high-point of your month and link your Taking Stock if you do it on your blog too!

Making | lots of hot water bottles at 3am because of a month of illness.
Cooking | healthy salads (recipe to follow next month!).
Drinking | a little rose wine (unheard of, but it happened this month!).
Reading | endless tutorials and tips for Adobe Illustrator! (I know, exciting times huh?!)
Wanting | 'Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration' - I have seen this a few times recently and really want to get my hands on a copy!
Looking | a little 'fluffy'. For some reason, recently, my hair is all static and fluffy. Why? I have no idea! Any tips?
Playing | James Bay 'Scars', lots of Michael Jackson and my usual business-related podcasts!
Deciding | whether to embark on a new fitness challenge (I have now decided and will fill you in shortly!)
Wishing | this crazy winter weather would give up! It's almost May for heavens sake (it is actually snowing whilst I am typing this post!).
Enjoying | finalising my business branding thanks to a kick up the backside!
Watching | (don't laugh!) glute activating videos on YouTube. Why? It's a long story! I won't bore you with training-related things right now!
Waiting | patiently for the next half term.
Liking | having lots of lovely conversations with fellow creatives on Snapchat and Instagram (come and say hi! My Snapchat username is lucycarterart)
Wondering | when I will stop feeling so exhausted! Is this just how it is going to be forever now I am over 35? Answers on a postcard.
Loving | chocolate digestives a little too much this month.
Hoping | the iPod I take to the gym isn't broken. It keeps cutting out... it probably is broken huh?
Marvelling | once again, over the amazing support from wonderful work colleagues.
Needing | every month I say this... new trainers!! I still haven't got new ones. I really need to find some I like guys. To be fair, there are plenty I am lusting over, but why are they a small fortune?!
Smelling | the dregs of my perfume... I need another bottle asap!
Wearing | sportswear... a lot (except for trainers obviously!).
Following | the cat into the garden to see what on Earth she has been staring at for days on end. I still have no idea!
Noticing | a man drinking from a china mug in his very posh car, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Is it me, or is that a bit strange?
Knowing | I need to move quicker with my ideas and stop procrastinating so much.
Thinking | a lot about pancakes.
Feeling | sad that one of my favourite people is leaving work in a couple of weeks. Syb, you will be missed A LOT!
Opening | an ASOS parcel and loving way too much of it! 
Giggling | at work after totally mishearing someone and thinking they had said something very rude, when they had actually said 'blueberry cake'. Probably best I don't go into it!

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