16 April 2016


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I feel a new series coming on... starting with a bit of a tongue in cheek one today to lighten my mood!

I thought I would call this series 'Let's Talk About...' as it allows me complete creative freedom to waffle on about whatever the heck I want, and it will just fit! Hurrah!

Today I wanted to have a bit of a rant about social media. In fact, it was something that happened very recently that added the cherry on top of my pile of other cherries, and made me want to get it out of my system.

I obviously love social media (I kind of need to) but sometimes, people are complete and utter idiots (I am trying to be polite here of course!). I am not going to ramble on forever about my complaints, just hit you with a few of my experiences, just so we can compare notes in the comments. Let's do this!

:: Why is it deemed totally acceptable for a guy to send inappropriate messages to someone they have never spoken to on-line or in real life? No amount of 'hey gorgeous, do you fancy a piece of this?' is going to make me jump in my car and head over to your place full of the joys of spring okay? So, just don't bother with it! I haven't time to keep blocking every Tom, Dick (literally) and Harry that is being a complete wally on-line!

:: Also, as an added point to the one above, don't just send me pictures of your man-vegetables and expect me to fall in love with you. Give us ladies a break alright?

:: What is it with Instagram account holders offering gazillions of followers? I must get tagged in about 10-20 posts a week about that. I am happy with my little group of IG friends thank you all the same, they are all people I am interested in and I like chatting to them. Jog on with your long list of fake people, I am trying to build my tribe over here!

:: Automatic Twitter responses/DM's - it is the easiest way to make me hit 'unfollow' straight away.

:: Strange blog comments. The reason I have my comments on 'post when approved', or whatever the heck-fire it is called, is so I don't let you guys see all the spam comments I get about viagra... I mean, why?!

:: Also, how many of you ladies on Snapchat get really inappropriate snaps? Not just me then!

Enough Lucy, enough.

*On a positive note, I have been seeing so many women on-line really getting behind one anothers blogs, businesses and ideas, and it is so wonderful to be a part of that community. On my Instagram, the other week, a couple of my lovely friends started chatting together and that was so lovely to see. I am seriously happy when things like that happen <3

Come on then, tell me some of your experiences in the comments!


  1. I completely agree with you! Social media can be pretty bizarre sometimes. And the line about Tom, Dick and Harry made me laugh out loud!

    Amy x

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks for reading and commenting honey! Just checking out your blog now :-) Glad my dodgy wit made you laugh! You may just be the only one laughing (let's hope not huh?). Right after this post went live I had another weird snapchat...I give up! xx

  2. Oooh yes, I love this! Thankfully I haven't received any dodgy snapchat messages but I do get wound up with Instagram... I get messages all the time from people using a 'bot' to just blanket comment on posts that use a certain hashtag. It really annoys me, I'm not going to follow you because you post a thumbs up emoticon on every post! *Rant over* :) xx


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