1 April 2016


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You know when you keep messing up time and time again and have to constantly apologise for things? That's very much how I feel with you guys at the moment. The tumbleweed has been all over this blog for a week or two. You may remember I mentioned I had a ridiculous virus/bug (plague?)... it is only just starting to subside now and has really knocked me out. Not helped by my random attempt at trying some spinning last weekend, which seemed to aggravate the miserable thing.

Never fear though, I am here now (you may not have even noticed I had gone of course!). Also, I am putting up a YouTube video on Monday! Hurrah!

Without further a do, let me move on to my 'Five Things I am Grateful for This Week' ramble... it has been a lovely week too!

1. Today marks one year since our wedding day. I received some gorgeous flowers through the door yesterday and, in the spirit of the tradition of giving paper for your first anniversary, I opened up some beautiful Moleskine water-colour sketchbooks this morning - there could not have been a better present! Where has the year gone to? How is it already one year ago? <3

2. Although I had to work some days this week, it was really nice being at school when it is totally unoccupied for a bit to get things done and feel a little more chilled in the process. I am so grateful for that! I also got to take a non-rushed lunch-break with a rather awesome colleague of mine too. It's the little moments people!

3. I cannot possibly write this post without mentioning the spring weather. I know us English love talking about the weather, but I actually got to sit out in the sun yesterday and it felt so wonderful. The sun has to be one of the greatest healers and never fails to soothe my mind.

4. The little seeds I planted two weekends ago and placed on the kitchen windowsill have popped their little heads up and some of them are ready to be moved outside already. Is there anything more satisfying then seeing something you have planted peep through the soil and grow?

5. Easter chocolate. Does there need to be more detail? Didn't think so!

In other news:
I saw this really cool idea for a homemade cat toy where you take an old plastic bottle, cut out a couple of holes in the side, just big enough to let a biscuit out, and pop treats inside and do the lid up. I went to a lot of effort to get this thing done (can you see where this is going?). I enthusiastically put it on the floor and Gizmo looked at it, pawed it once, looked at me as if to say 'mum, just get my biscuits out please' and walked off. Rude. / I haven't eaten any Nutella for weeks (gasp!) - thought that was worth a mention! / Last Friday I smushed together two recipes to make one, rather yummy, quinoa salad and dressing. I was quite impressed with my efforts - shall I blog post it? /

I hope you guys are all doing well. Keep your eyes peeled for the new YouTube video which, unless you subscribe to my channel, will appear on the right hand side of this blog next week! (But, to be safe, you should probably just subscribe huh? I'm shameless aren't I?!).


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