23 April 2016


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Another week has reached a close and, I have to say, it has been an emotional one. 2016 has been a year of loss for so many people (and I am not just talking about the talent that has been called away recently). Weeks like this make me think about the bigger picture of life and certainly help me to re-evaluate things and see things with more gratitude and thanks. I am being purposefully vague here as the loss I refer to this week is not mine to discuss, but you cannot stand by and witness others hurt without it touching you.

Aside from the sadness around this week (and the illness, because there is also a lot of that too) let me share some of the other things that have kept me chugging along too the beat of the clock...this is what I have been grateful for this week.

1. Getting an ASOS parcel that is in one piece. I did a big order last week, you know the type, where you order everything in two sizes and have a heart attack when you see the final amount? Anyway, when it arrived (three hours late from the one hour slot) the poor delivery driver had been caught in a ford and the van had got stuck and flooded with water. All my box (and everyone else's parcels in the van) were soggy and falling apart. He still brought it to me - just in case! I obviously didn't sign for it and ASOS were fairly speedy in sorting it. The disappointing thing was that a fair amount of the items I had ordered were out of stock when I had to put it through again, so I have missed out, but still, I got some bits through yesterday, they were dry and everything!

2. Chocolate digestives dipped in tea. After a hard day on Thursday, this was mighty wonderful and should be prescribed on the NHS!

3. Sleep. I didn't have a full nights sleep until last night, thanks to the beauty of tonsillitis (yucky plague that it is!). Last night, however, I crashed out and basically didn't wake up until about 9am this morning. It was heaven on a stick. I am just not someone who can properly function without sleep, it destroys me!

4. This week, after quite a few weeks of listening to it endlessly on Spotify, I bought James Bay's album, 'Chaos and the Calm', and I love it so much. My three absolute favourite songs right now are 'Let It Go', 'Scars' (which is so beautiful), and 'Move Together'. I must admit, I prefer his slower stuff to the lively songs, but it is a good album and definitely something I have been listening to  constantly since I got it.

5. Star Wars arriving through the front door! That is what I will be doing this evening if any one is interested! :-)

How has your week been?

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