10 April 2016


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Don't worry guys, you are not going bonkers, I have posted my usual Friday post on a Sunday! I just felt it right to get a post up about mental health on Friday, so I went with that gut instinct. But, here I am today with my grateful list. I wouldn't miss it for the world because, truly, it is so important to remember what has gone right, even on a slightly strange week.

Before I get started I must do a shameless Snapchat username reminder... you can find me by searching 'lucycarterart' and up I will pop! Following me on Snapchat guarantees you countless silly faces, cat clips and other rambles... actually, that may put you off!

Okay, let's get started on this weekly round up shall we? Here are the things I have been grateful for this week.

1. Having a spontaneous outbreak of strange dancing with some colleagues. Honestly kids, you have no idea what goes on in school when it is the holidays! There was YouTube, there was tea, it was a rave I tell you!

2. Finding some bargain ankle boots in the White Stuff sale. I had my eyes on a couple of pairs from the winter collection, as I was desperate for brown ankle boots, but just couldn't spend the money. On Sunday, Joe and I went into town and, low and behold, one pair left, in my size! Woo-hoo! Sale bargains are the best feeling. Thanks boot-fairies!

3. Getting my backside back to the gym. I did it! Finally, after weeks of not going because of all the things that have been happening recently. It felt so good to get back to lifting some weights and pushing my body again. I am back people :-)

4. Frozen peas. Random? Yes. On Thursday I fell over... in public. Heavens above people, it was horrific. I am battered and bruised in places that have somewhat surprised me because I actually don't remember even hitting those places on anything. I have an egg-sized swelling on my knee (hence the peas) a blue bruise on my right arm and a swollen forearm, to name a few places! I am pleased (?) to say that I didn't just fall, I slipped on something on the floor in a garage whilst attempting to pay for petrol, but it was humiliating nonetheless! :-(

5. This week I have been super-grateful for Chinae, aka 'Get Fit Brooklyn' on Instagram and Snapchat. This ballsy New Yorker is super inspirational. I love her IG feed because it is so real (God, I hate using that word, but it fits here). This week she posted this picture and I could hug her for it. Chinae documents her fitness journey and she is amazing at it too. Her constant promotion of healthy over skinny is refreshing and I love her confidence to put herself out-there, and why not, she's stunning. Also, her stories on Snapchat are really, really funny too!

In other news: 
I downloaded this album earlier this week. I felt like reminiscing on some old r & b tunes, and this did not disappoint! / I have been obsessed with finding new Instagram-artist-type-people this last few weeks and am loving stumbling across Bianca from Wild Humm. I adore her work (being such a lover of all things water-colour related!) and thing her blog is fab, specifically her interviews with fellow creatives / Speaking of things I am obsessed over, and I hate that this is something materialistic, but I would love to get my hands on one of the Daily Greatness Journals - they are definitely not cheap, but I find documenting and tracking life super helpful for not just general day to day things, but for my mental and physical well-being too. I have heard such good things about these bad boys also :-)

What have been your highlights this week? Share some in the comments below!

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  1. Oh no what a pain about falling over!! It's always such a pain to fall over when you're older as it's just so not expected. I did it a few years ago and it was such a shock. Glad you got back in the gym - I finally got back on the cross trainer this week too!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. My mum actually said to me 'you're 35 now, you should be more careful or you will do yourself some real damage!' (Thanks mum!). I love your blog btw honey - just added you to my Bloglovin list! Hope you are having a fab weekend so far xx


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