21 April 2016


Arriving in Salisbury at 8am on Sunday morning, to queue at the emergency medical centre with tonsillitis, wasn't the greatest way to spend my day off. But when it turned out to be the most peaceful, bird-song-filled stroll around the cathedral grounds I've ever had, it didn't seem that bad after all.

If you have ever been to the cathedral you will know how beautiful it is. The square that surrounds it is incredibly pretty, with stunning houses and, at this time of year, the most gorgeous blossom trees and spring flowers. It really is something to see.

Given that it was early on a Sunday morning, and the shops weren't even open yet, there weren't many people around, other than those going to the morning service at the cathedral, so it was truly serene and a perfect time to linger around looking at the architecture and the exhibition of sculptures, titled 'Relationships', currently being displayed by artist Sophie Ryder.

I wanted to keep this post all about the images, so I won't waffle on, but if you want to see the exhibition, you have until 3rd July (I really recommend it, especially the cloisters sculptures, which are so very breathtaking). See the Salisbury Cathedral website for lots more information.

 photo fromlucywithloveSalisburyCathedral11_zpsxlb3tt2u.png

 photo fromlucywithloveSalisburyCathedral13_zpsajnn5se7.png

 photo fromlucywithloveSalisburyCathedral5_zpslty1nqzj.png

 photo fromlucywithloveSalisburyCathedral3_zpsadbtfgj8.png

 photo fromlucywithloveSalisburyCathedral2_zpsz8kiv3sv.png

 photo fromlucywithloveSalisburyCathedral9_zpshsmnu31a.png

 photo fromlucywithloveSalisburyCathedral8_zpsxhf9w4vn.png

 photo fromlucywithloveSalisburyCathedral12_zpsa3pmnzj8.png

 photo fromlucywithloveSalisburyCathedral10_zps2zqnlw81.png

 photo fromlucywithloveSalisburyCathedral1_zpsmmnhvthc.png

 photo fromlucywithloveSalisburyCathedral6_zps2oqwsegs.png

 photo fromlucywithloveSalisburyCathedral7_zpsomzitbwd.png


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