14 March 2016


Last weekend the sun came out, I mean, properly came out! It was warm and Gizmo was stretched out in her favourite spot in the garden (usually reserved for the summer). Although I was still full to the brim with cold virus and feeling pretty lousy, Joe and I had our usual weekend housework marathon (him downstairs and me upstairs). I got a little carried away and found myself throwing things in several carrier bags, charity shop / rubbish / recycling bin etc, but also I began feeling that little pull towards a spring refresh that I get every year when the temperature lifts enough to allow the windows to be opened for an hour or two.

Spurred on by too many lemsips and fresh air I decided to put together a wishlist for the three most in-need rooms in our house and thought I would share them with you!

 photo fromlucywithlovespringhomewarelustlistbedroom_zps3aql31sb.png

1:: Glass bauble air-plant hanger from Not on the Highstreet | I am trying to inject a bit more greenery into our home at the moment as it can instantly jazz up a usually dark spot and I love these little air-plants!
2:: Moon poster from The National Anthem on Etsy | Joe and I are space geeks and when I saw this print I thought it would fit above our bed perfectly.
3:: Ikea Hermine throw | We like our bedroom to be mostly white/off-white but I would like to add in a touch of soft colour through throws and cushions.
4:: Ikea Isunda cushion cover | Having just said I want to add colour I picked a grey cushion...oops!
5:: Ikea white Hemnes chest of drawers | This range from Ikea is one of my favourites it is such good quality and classic in its style. I think we both really want to get a better chest of drawers asap!
6:: The White Company white lavender candle | Because... well, lavender candles rock!

 photo fromlucywithlovespringhomewarelustlistlounge_zpsqwyjy2pj.png

1:: Dream Big cushion from Next | Right now our lounge cushions are in a bit of a state so new ones are required and this positive one is perfect to remind me of my hopes and dreams :-)
2:: Marks and Spencers Bantry weave cushion | Good old M & S cushions are classics!
3:: Plant from Waitrose garden | We currently have a lonely plant in our lounge who very much needs a best friend.
4:: Marks and Spencers Bradshaw side table | They do these tables in a range of colours but I adore this white one.
5:: Copper Dream-Team print from Etsy | I'm back to pulling in green colour palettes again and thought this would compliment the cushions and the plants!
6:: Moss-knit blanket from H & M Home | We have wanted a cosy throw to add to our sofa, for colder evenings, for a while (but we'd need to keep it away from the cat of course!).
7:: Bronx floor lamp from Made.com | This lamp has to be my favourite pick by far. I love it! 

 photo fromlucywithlovespringhomewarelustlistkitchen_zpssghcb0jb.png

1:: Spring meadow cup from Marks and Spencers | If you looked in our 'mugs' cupboard you will see a mish-mash of designs, but I have no florals and am really into them at the moment, maybe it is because I am painting them a lot. Also, I really enjoy a cuppa from a mug without a saucer, call me strange...!
2:: Wooden box (used for post!) from H & M Home (herbs from garden centre/supermarket!) | Every time I buy (or grow) herbs, they have no where to 'live' so I thought a box, like this one from H & M, would be ideal, plus it compliments the countryside-feel I like in our kitchen.
3:: Magnetic clipboard from Amazon | Joe and I are not great at synchronising diaries and I keep meaning to sort out something for the fridge door so we can see what we have coming up and are not relying on one of us remembering. This magnetic clipboard is perfect for holding any calendar!
4:: Printable calendar from Etsy shop Digital Art | This year I printed a calendar from Etsy and I have it in my office, but this one, with space to write in what is happening, is perfect for us. It is also such a great design for a kitchen!
5:: Round pot planter in wire basket from Wayfair | Rustic pots are adorable and this one, from Wayfair, is super-cute! I can imagine it with little spring bulbs in on the window ledge.
6:: Spring bloom cup from Marks and Spencers | Another floral mug!

Let me know in the comments what you are looking forward to in spring!


  1. Oooh this post was perfectly timed! We're moving to a new flat this month and I love the chest of drawers you've chosen...think I'll investigate the Hemnes range - we need a new wardrobe!

    As you may have guessed from the above, I'm looking forward to moving and getting some new bits for our flat!

    1. Yay! Congrats on your new home! The Hemnes range is beautiful and really classic (also looks more expensive than Ikea, although it is one of their pricier ranges). I had it in my old house but unfortunately couldn't bring it with me to our new place so need to get it again. Good luck with your move hun, exciting times! :-)


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