18 March 2016


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What a week guys! It has flown by in a blur of set painting, washing brushes and dancing about to teenage-music at a dance event we attend, through work, every year (although there was a particularly funny few minutes when Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline' came on and many of the kids didn't know what hit them as all the teachers suddenly burst into song!). Aside from that chaos there has been little time for anything else. Thankfully though, I am almost over the strange illness that took me over last week and have started to feel a lot more human again.

Despite work being the prominent feature this week, there is always something to be grateful for...

1. A small, tiredness induced treat. On my way home from work last night I bought a cheeky bar of galaxy to enjoy that evening with a cup of tea. Having done a 19 hour work day the previous day I was so exhausted and it felt like heaven to taste chocolate! I then promptly fell asleep on the sofa :-)

2. I finally have something I can make smoothies in! Hurrah! Thanks to my lovely mum and dad we now own a blender-ey type appliance, which I am very excited to try out later (once we have got some food in the house!). There will be no stopping me from throwing all kinds of things in there and trying to re-invent the wheel I am sure! Green juices will be mine, mwah-ha-haaaa!

3. Last week I discovered the illustrator, Holly Exley, has a YouTube channel and I cannot stop watching it. I am so inspired by her videos; they are so humble and easy to watch and all sorts of inspiring. I am kind of addicted to watching creative vlogs these days so if you have an suggestions please let me know in the comments.

4. Joe informed me this morning that he has pre-ordered the Star Wars DVD ahead of its April release. I love having a geeky husband (and I mean that in a really good way!).

5. I received a lovely parcel full of water-colour paper and sketch pads this week from Cass Art. I had forgotten I placed and order but nothing beats opening a box of fresh, lovely paper. That may sound like the saddest thing ever, but art materials are my 'thing', you know?!

In other news:
It is almost the school Easter break! I am working through some of it but am super psyched to have some time to continue on my little creative business mission! /  I am going to start posting more bits and bobs on my business Instagram as I develop it. If you want to follow along, you can find it by searching @leaflanestudio on the app! / In a few days a little post I did in conjunction with the home-ware company Wayfair will be out on their site! I will let you know via social media when it has gone up - I hope you like it! / Michelle, from Life Outside London, put this post up today and it made my chuckle! Love that woman / I have been daydreaming about Easter eggs, big time.

I hope you have had a super-dooooper week! Come and have a chat in the comments if you fancy!


  1. Glad you're feeling better and like a human again! Not long till the Easter holidays now :)

  2. Thanks so much for this post, you have inspired me to write my own post on gratitude! Also thank-you so much for the recommendation for Holly Exley's youtube channel, I'm always on the lookout for creative vlogs and youtube channels and I've been watching her videos non-stop since you recommended her so thank-you! Have a great day :-)

    1. Ah! I'm glad you like her channel, it's fab isn't it?! Let me know of any you really like too! Thank you so much for you kind words - I love doing gratitude posts weekly (except, I missed last Fridays! Oopsie - man flu!)xx


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