4 March 2016


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It has been one whole week since my birthday already, how is that possible? One week since I drove home from work with a car brimming with flowers and treats and felt super loved and smiley; not that I don't feel like that now, but that's kind of what birthdays should feel like isn't it?

This week has gone by in its usual blur of early starts and work days but the bonus to this week has been getting my little car back from the car-hospital, yay! The insurance is still dragging on (it's been three weeks since the accident) but at least Pedro is fixed now :-)

Today though, as I write this I am stuffing my face with fresh blueberries and drinking more than my usual amount of water as I have a swollen throat and a headache, right when I planned to start my new burst of fitness training...thank you very much who ever is in charge of colds!

It's not all bad though. Here's what I have been super grateful for this week:

1. Seeing beautiful flowers (literally) everywhere in our house. It has felt super spring-like to see bursts of colour and smell narcissus in the air. Flowers make me ridiculously happy.

2. Having a lovely little cuddle on the sofa with Gizmo and falling asleep whilst she does her crackly-purr thing! She always makes a certain noise when she is really comfy and we both enjoyed a little doze together whilst Joe was having a shower. It was the nicest power-nap ever :-)

3. Opening my Mac make-up delivery. Joe got me a voucher for my birthday last week so I delved into my iPhone 'Mac Wishlist' note-page and ordered myself some goodies! I have a stupidly long list of lipsticks I would like in my Mac collection and got myself two this time, plus some beautiful eye-shadows too. I promise I will do a video on my YouTube channel really soon.

4. Thursday night fajitas! I just cannot get enough of the things. Fresh tomatoes, veggies, lettuce, chicken... maybe a bit of cheese too... so delicious.

5. Discovering the blog Wonder Forest's YouTube Channel - she has some really awesome playlists about blogging and more technical things, such as techniques for Photoshop and websites, that I have found so useful.

In other news:
I am about to embark on painting 30 bald-caps to create the illusion of a shaved head. Never let me say my job doesn't have variety #schoollife / Since I turned 35 I have said the following more than once: 'what on Earth is Rhianna singing about, it's awful!' and 'why is Justin Bieber a 'thing' anyway'  and 'if I sit down I don't think I'll get up!' - excellent / I've put myself on a total mini-egg ban until it is actually Easter. Sad times ahead.

Have a fabulous Friday guys!

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