1 February 2016


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The first 'Taking Stock' post of 2016! It has been my favourite January for many, many years. I started the month feeling all kinds of positive, and I am happy to report that I still feel that way. I hope your month has been full of wonderful things and happy moments too.

Making | an effort to update my wardrobe.
Cooking | courgetti a million different ways, all trying to work out how to stop it watering in the bowl! Any one got any tips? I've tried SO many ways people!
Drinking | honestly guys, it is always tea and water!
Reading | 'Big Magic' by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am still working through this bit by bit and loving every word.
Wanting | to stuff chocolate in my face right now!
Looking | for books on wild flowers for painting inspiration.
Playing | old Bryan Adams album's.
Deciding | I need to learn more about macro's to make my diet better.
Wishing | for a guilt-free lay-in (come on February half term!).
Enjoying | planning my business website content.
Watching | 'The Un-datables' - horrible title, but lovely show <3
Waiting | for spring to arrive. I am always waiting for the next season to arrive.
Liking | wearing a slightly more nude lipstick every now and again (video coming soon on that!)
Wondering how to make mini-eggs a main food group and get away with it.
Loving | that there is such an accessible network of creative entrepreneurs out-there, supporting each other and willing to get behind people doing the same thing they are. 
Hoping | it will snow soon (school snow day!).
Marvelling | at the nights sky, always.
Needing | to get my butt in gear and wash my poor car. It is like a junk yard inside and out and I hate that! If it would only stop raining for long enough for me to get out there :-)
Smelling | spring flowers in Waitrose.
Wearing | a dress to work for the first time ever.
Following | wonderful creatives on Instagram including: Shannon Kirsten / Kayla Painted / Moogbee
Noticing | it is getting a little lighter in the afternoons again.
Knowing | that I finally feel confident I am on the right path.
Thinking | how fast almost one year of marriage has flown by.
Feeling | excited for my birthday, I love birthdays!
Opening | many parcels of jeans (all of them have been sent back by the way!). I hate shopping for jeans!
Giggling | at the Star Wars air fresheners in Tesco's. I cannot believe Darth Vader is vanilla scented, for heavens sake, surely he should be oil scented or fumes or something!

If you fancy having a shot a a 'Taking Stock' post on your blog let me know where I can find you! If you don't have a blog just comment with a few things below :-)

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