29 February 2016


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As another month comes to an end let's have a look back at what has been happening! 

Making | new friends via my blog and social media <3
Cooking | lots of yummy Marks and Spencers food whilst we were in Cornwall (so good!).
Drinking | wine on our holiday (I don't really drink but I had a small amount for a treat - rebel!).
Reading | 'Playing Big' by Tara Mohr. I have just started this, having finally finished 'Big Magic', and am enjoying it so far.
Wanting | to get back on the healthy wagon big time. It has been two weeks of being on and off the healthy food wagon, due to holidays and birthdays, but I am so ready to get back on it.
Looking | at our house, thinking that a huge spring clean is really needed.
Playing | Snapchat feeds. (Find me by searching 'lucycarterart' on the app).
Deciding | what logo to use for my new business. I have been mocking up a fair few but am at the stage where I have been looking at my own work for so long now that I think I can't even draw anymore!
Wishing | we could move to Cornwall even more than ever.
Enjoying | our new, more comfortable, bed. I know this is super boring guys, so let me keep it simple and to the point. We got a new mattress topper and pillows and they are like sleeping on clouds, that's all :-)
Watching | the new James Bond on DVD. As someone who isn't traditionally into James Bond I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I thought the last one was better, but this one was worth the watch for sure.
Waiting | for my Mac delivery. I just spent my voucher I got for my birthday so I am super excited to get the package through the door! 
Liking | playing around with gouache again. I have been strictly working with water-colours of late, and recently rediscovered my gouache palette and I am enjoying it a whole lot.
Wondering | when my brain will feel de-cluttered again. Life is so busy, all the time, and I am struggling to work out how I am supposed to fit everything in right now. It is tough (but exciting too).
Loving | the amazing words I received via my birthday cards, messages and on-line too. I felt so emotional all day with everyone who gave me a gift or sent me a message.
Hoping | my car will be fixed very soon and I can give back the courtesy car :-s
Marvelling | over the amount of beautiful daffodils I received for my birthday, they make the house feel alive!
Needing | a sports massage so badly. That makes it sound like I have one all the time, which is not true, but my body feels so worn out.
Smelling | freshly cut grass in the air again... bring on spring.
Wearing | bright pink lips for the first time in a while.
Following | lots of wonderful new Cornish Instagrammers and bloggers to help keep me dreaming :-)
Noticing | what a difference lighter mornings and evenings make to my mood.
Knowing | I am now on the right path. It is so hard to be trying to make transitions in my life, whilst trying to carry on as normal until the timing is right but, as tired as I feel right now, I know it is right.
Thinking | I need time to make all the YouTube videos I have scribbled down to record. I will get there (one day!).
Feeling | like taking power naps on an hourly basis. Is this what being 35 is all about?
Opening | a box from my parents containing a new handbag (*insert heart-eye emoji here*). 
Giggling | at a student at school who responded to me saying 'why don't you try tidying your school bag up a bit' with 'Miss, it's like asking an armadillo to wash up!' - amazing.

I hope you had a wonderful month guys, here's to a new one! 

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