19 February 2016


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^^Top left: the amazing view from the top of St Michaels Mount / Top right: a few sketchbook roses / Bottom left: a beach selfie from Carbis Bay / Bottom right: Looking up in the rain forest dome at Eden Project^^

I am typing this blog post from a table where I can see the sea and I can report that I want to stay here. Forever. The only thing is that the internet is slower than me climbing the stairs post leg training day - so slow! Something must be going on with the internet where we are staying though as it is usually perfect. My dedication to getting this post up for you is 100% though and I am battling through the pain of the on-strike router for you guys ('cause I love ya!).

If you have been anywhere near Instagram this week then you will know that Joe and I are in Cornwall, for a week of P and R (pasties and relaxation). It has been absolutely perfect and I am wondering whether we can claim squatters rights on this apartment, after all, we have been here three times, surely that means something legally?

Let's move on to the things I have been grateful for this week...

1. Coastal walks and daily beach wandering. We always do a whole load of walking when we visit this amazing county, how can you not when you are so spoilt for choice? For me, it really makes me realise I am on a teeny, tiny dot in the middle of a vast universe when I see waves crashing on the rocks in front of me and weather coming in over the horizon. We are so lucky to have all of this around us and I adore spending time outside, taking it all in and just trying to quieten down my mind a little.

2. Treat-food week! It is pretty hard for me to just surrender to holiday style eating, but it is the one time of the year I let loose and have a few treats and pudding mid week - so bloomin' good! We have had a yummy Cornish breakfast, scones, pasties, fish and chips and so much more than I should list here! But it was enjoyable and it is back to the clean eating and training post-holiday!

3. A lovely email. I was contacted by a lovely lady this week who has chosen to get married in the same way Joe and I did, at Boho Cornwall, near where we are staying right now actually. I love hearing from you guys and it is nice to know that my videos on how we got married were useful to someone. Good luck to you both for your special day :-)

4. A healthier Gizmo! You guys may have seen that last week ended in a bit of a mess. I had a car accident and then woke up the next day to Gizmo limping about. The day before our holiday could not have been more stressful! Luckily, the best place for her to be was inside resting, so a week at the cattery was well timed. I am glad to report that she is on the mend and, according to the guy at the cattery, has cheered up since the first couple of days. Honestly, she is like my child, I worry like mad about her.

5. Friends on Sky. We don't have Sky at home, so having Friends on tap here in Cornwall has been pretty awesome! I ruddy love that show :-)

In other news:
We have been sleeping in the worlds most comfortable bed. I always sleep so well on whatever the mattress is in the apartment we are in. I am pretty convinced we can't afford one like it but that won't stop us looking at what it is before we leave! / Our welcome pack when we arrived had the most tasty chocolate in that I have ever experienced (and scones, and champagne). / Waking up in the night and hearing the sound of waves is something I need in my life more than once a year-it is so calming and utterly humbling. / Daffodils are everywhere in Cornwall and they are so beautiful to see by the field-load. / I have been glued to the BBC's mental health programmes this week. Good on them for showing raw and honest programmes about the struggle that is mental health. 

How has your week been ladies and gents? Come and chat in the comments below or over on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat (username: lucycarterart).


  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely week :) And I'm glad to hear that Gizmo is on the mend.

    Hollie | hollieshighlights.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks Hollie! It was an amazing week :-) Gizmo is home and all cozy in her usual spot - she seems fine now, which is a relief. How was your weekend lovely?xx

  2. I've just discovered your blog, after you liked one of my instagram posts. I'm really glad to hear you had a lovely visit to Cornwall. Next time you come down here, if you'd like to hook up for a crafty activity or some leg training, please let me know as I do both!.
    I love your weekly 'things I'm grateful for'- what an inspirational idea!
    I hope going back to your normal life isn't too bad after the Cornwall tonic!

    1. Hi Sophie! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for checking out my blog! I have yours open on my computer right now! We had such an awesome time - I have been coming to Cornwall for many years and adore it. The first time I came it felt like I'd been before, I have been desperate to move there since. It's like my spiritual home or something! I'm glad you like the 'Five things' posts - I really enjoy doing them as they help me remember what is important or what I have done that particular week. I jot small moments down in my diary every day to help prompt me every Friday when I sit down to write! I'd love to hook up for either of those activities next time I am in Cornwall! Leg training is my fave and craft is my life! So pleased to have discovered your IG and blogs :-)
      Have a fab day lovely xx

    2. Lucy I just saw this! Thanks so much for your response. I know just what you mean about Cornwall being a spiritual home. I didn't grow up here but I know I am so so lucky to feel like I belong here now. Thanks for the tips on noting things down ready to blog- sounds like a great idea. I do hope we get to meet next time you're here, Sophie x
      (making mental note to click 'notify me' next time!)


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