29 February 2016


 photo fromlucywithloveTakingStockFeb2016_zpsr9dbljmq.png

As another month comes to an end let's have a look back at what has been happening! 

Making | new friends via my blog and social media <3
Cooking | lots of yummy Marks and Spencers food whilst we were in Cornwall (so good!).
Drinking | wine on our holiday (I don't really drink but I had a small amount for a treat - rebel!).
Reading | 'Playing Big' by Tara Mohr. I have just started this, having finally finished 'Big Magic', and am enjoying it so far.
Wanting | to get back on the healthy wagon big time. It has been two weeks of being on and off the healthy food wagon, due to holidays and birthdays, but I am so ready to get back on it.
Looking | at our house, thinking that a huge spring clean is really needed.
Playing | Snapchat feeds. (Find me by searching 'lucycarterart' on the app).
Deciding | what logo to use for my new business. I have been mocking up a fair few but am at the stage where I have been looking at my own work for so long now that I think I can't even draw anymore!
Wishing | we could move to Cornwall even more than ever.
Enjoying | our new, more comfortable, bed. I know this is super boring guys, so let me keep it simple and to the point. We got a new mattress topper and pillows and they are like sleeping on clouds, that's all :-)
Watching | the new James Bond on DVD. As someone who isn't traditionally into James Bond I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I thought the last one was better, but this one was worth the watch for sure.
Waiting | for my Mac delivery. I just spent my voucher I got for my birthday so I am super excited to get the package through the door! 
Liking | playing around with gouache again. I have been strictly working with water-colours of late, and recently rediscovered my gouache palette and I am enjoying it a whole lot.
Wondering | when my brain will feel de-cluttered again. Life is so busy, all the time, and I am struggling to work out how I am supposed to fit everything in right now. It is tough (but exciting too).
Loving | the amazing words I received via my birthday cards, messages and on-line too. I felt so emotional all day with everyone who gave me a gift or sent me a message.
Hoping | my car will be fixed very soon and I can give back the courtesy car :-s
Marvelling | over the amount of beautiful daffodils I received for my birthday, they make the house feel alive!
Needing | a sports massage so badly. That makes it sound like I have one all the time, which is not true, but my body feels so worn out.
Smelling | freshly cut grass in the air again... bring on spring.
Wearing | bright pink lips for the first time in a while.
Following | lots of wonderful new Cornish Instagrammers and bloggers to help keep me dreaming :-)
Noticing | what a difference lighter mornings and evenings make to my mood.
Knowing | I am now on the right path. It is so hard to be trying to make transitions in my life, whilst trying to carry on as normal until the timing is right but, as tired as I feel right now, I know it is right.
Thinking | I need time to make all the YouTube videos I have scribbled down to record. I will get there (one day!).
Feeling | like taking power naps on an hourly basis. Is this what being 35 is all about?
Opening | a box from my parents containing a new handbag (*insert heart-eye emoji here*). 
Giggling | at a student at school who responded to me saying 'why don't you try tidying your school bag up a bit' with 'Miss, it's like asking an armadillo to wash up!' - amazing.

I hope you had a wonderful month guys, here's to a new one! 

26 February 2016


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{Image sourced from Pinterest}

Today I turn 35. Thirty-five. Treinta y cinco. Trente-cinq. Yep, five years from the big 4-0.

I don't have an issue with my actual age at all, I have always preferred the age I am at any given time, to an age that has past, but what I do have an issue with is how ruddy fast it is passing. What is that about? Seriously, I remember going through a really hard time at the age of about fifteen years old and my mum saying '...before you know it you'll be eighteen', to which I remember thinking 'that's so far away'. But now, the years go by so fast and I am more determined than I have ever been to make sure they count.

I have really felt my whole attitude shift in my thirties, more specifically the last few years. Things that would always bother me have faded slightly into the background and it is those things that I thought I would share today.

:: Finding a voice
Without meaning to sound all airy-fairy here, I am more confident in my own words, my own opinions and thoughts than I have ever been before. Working with young people everyday reminds me how much they seek out approval and try and mold themselves into someone that 'fits in', just because they are afraid to stand out. I was one of those people for many, many years. Whilst I obviously don't ever set out to upset anyone, I also have learnt (in a big way) that you cannot please everyone, no matter what you do. My issues with my mental health have also highlighted how bad it can be when you do try to just focus on pleasing others and not yourself. I had to learn that being selfish sometimes, and only sometimes, is acceptable. As hard as I sometimes find it to put myself out-there and be truly myself, particularly on this platform, I have learnt that it is super important to be honest and open. I read something (somewhere) last year that said 'you need to repel the people who aren't your tribe as quickly as you can and focus on the ones that are' - or words to that effect. That doesn't mean going around being a rude so-and-so, it simply means being yourself and not bending your personality to fit another's.

:: Not giving a fig about fashion
Let me get something straight, I know diddly squat about style. Zero. Literally nothing. But, for some reason, for my entire life, I have tried and tried to dress in a way that would meet other people's approval. I am happy to say that I finally don't give a hoot. I want to look good, but I genuinely do not care whether what I put on my back is 'fashionable', which it definitely never is, or whether others will like it. I just don't care any more. I cannot tell you how amazingly freeing that is!

:: Realising what matters
I speak about being grateful for things with my Friday posts but I have really shifted my focus in life from being the super materialistic person I was in my twenties, to wanting to carve out a lifestyle of simple, calm living and enjoying this beautiful planet we live on. With growing a little older (I know I am not old before anyone shoots me down) has come a sense of gratitude for the little moments life throws my way. These moments top the grand, expensive gestures most of the time and are always the things I look back on and smile about. My relationships, friendships, random acts of kindness and cuddles with Gizmo are the best! I think it is always important not to lose focus and think that having the latest of whatever it is will create the perfect life because, inevitably, it will only mask over what you don't like in your current life for such a short-lived moment. My focus now is building the life I want to live every day, not put up with something I am not happy with.

:: Making the best of yourself
Lastly, and this is a big thing for me to talk about, is choosing to make the best of what you have. This is talked about all the time both on-line and in magazines. We are all under the photo-shopped illusion of what is 'perfect' and we are all mislead every single day. Believe me, as someone who has weighed a lot, it is hard to like my body. There are good days and there are bad, but ultimately, I know I exercise more than most, I eat healthy 95% of the time (despite my constant craving for mini-eggs at the moment!) but I am learning to accept that I am ok as I am. Any progress I make towards my ideal self is a bonus, but I am ok. That has to be enough sometimes ladies.

I am off to plunge my face into a cake now... next stop, thirty-six!

24 February 2016


If you follow me on Instagram you won't have missed the fact that Joe and I were in Cornwall last week (I may have spammed that particular social media with pictures of the week!). Since starting this blog I don't think that I have featured any other holiday location, other than Cornwall. That is partially because we cannot afford to go anywhere else, as I have to take school holidays off, but mostly because we both are head over heels in love with the place and hope to call it home some day in the not too distant future.

The very first time I visited Cornwall it felt strange because I felt like I had been there before. I instantly felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders (and still get that every time) and feel utterly at ease there. As a nature lover through and through I feel drawn to it for many obvious reasons, but as an artist and fitness nut, there is even more on offer (I realise I sound a little like this is a sponsored post for a holiday company but, I assure you, it is not!). The other amazing bonus for me is seeing how much better my mental health is when I am surrounded by nature, open spaces and a slightly more laid back environment - the difference in my head can be overwhelming good.

I thought that, in today's post, I would share some of my favourite pictures from the week and tell you more about the place in the picture and why I/we love it so much :-)

 photo fromlucywithloveCornwallFeb16GodrevyBreakfast_zpsctomzyzy.png

^^ Ever since our friends L and A introduced us to this cafe in Godrevy it has become a 'first day in Cornwall' tradition. We rock up there at opening time (it's always busy) to get a ruddy wonderful full Cornish breakfast and then wonder off to see the seals over the hill. It is a must-do if you are in the area for sure!

 photo fromlucywithloveCornwallFeb16GodrevyLighthouse_zpsbznrj8jk.png

^^ These pictures above are taken from Godrevy, pointing out to the lighthouse. It is one of my favourite places to visit and we usually go back more than once. It is so beautiful and you are guaranteed to see a whole lot of nature. This time we had the seals to ourselves for 15 minutes or so, which is unheard of. Listening to them chatting away to each other and watching them all move in and out of the sea reminds you how vulnerable these creatures are. You can see right over to Carbis Bay and St Ives from there and the view is pretty awesome!
 photo fromlucywithloveCornwallFeb16CarbisBay2_zpsjikpfiip.png

^^ A Carbis Bay beach selfie in my staple uniform of my bobble hat and bright red snood!

 photo fromlucywithloveCornwallFeb16TheEdenProject_zpswttfjck8.png

^^ The Eden Project is simply beautiful. I rave about it every single time we visit it because I adore it. The only thing I will say is that, if you want to avoid the crowds, get there early - really early. As we were leaving, the line to get tickets was right the way up the path as you come in. Once you buy a ticket at Eden it is valid for one whole year. As we went there on our honeymoon holiday we got in without having to buy another one this time! If you are lucky to get in first thing in the morning on a day like this ^ then you will be blown away. Just stand still and listen to the birds and the breeze and walk silently around for a while, it is heaven. 

 photo fromlucywithloveCornwallFeb16SennenCove_zpsjb8zjlzz.png

^^ Ah Sennen... just look at it! This photo was taken heading over the coast path to Lands End which, other than the views, is super commercial, and not really for me. Sennen Cove though, what a beautiful place. I always fine the colours there are super vibrant. The grass is a more olive-green and the water is gorgeous shades of turquoise and blue all year round. It does suffer when a storm comes in though, check this picture out from the most recent storm to hit the West.

 photo fromlucywithloveCornwallFeb16Marazion_zpsg858ik2p.png

^^ I have always loved Marazion (the photo above is taken from the top of St Michaels Mount) but it became so much more special when Joe asked me to marry him on the beach there. We always climb up the mount and look down onto the beach with super-fond memories.

 photo fromlucywithloveCornwallFeb16Marazion2_zpsa5htiuxb.png

^^ Another view from St Michaels Mount. What a place guys, seriously. When you look over the edge of the walls, over to the garden, you can't help but be in awe of what you see. The gardens are perfectly kept and the open ocean before you reminds you how small we all are.

 photo fromlucywithloveCornwallFeb16Marazion3_zpsih68psbn.png

^^ One of the many things I love about being by the coast is how quickly the weather can change, and with it you get a whole variety of colours and interesting clouds and shadows. Watching the weather come in from the sea is hypnotic.

 photo fromlucywithloveCornwallFeb16CarbisBay_zpsuhxagvph.png

^^ The hubby and I on the beach by our apartment in Carbis Bay. We walked on the beach every single evening as the sun was coming down. It is such a wonderful, calming way to end the day. I can't wait to do this every day when we live near the sea.

 photo fromlucywithloveCornwallFeb16CarbisBayPaddleBoarders_zpsgfkozmly.png

^^ A slightly grainy sunset picture of two paddle boarders in Carbis Bay - I was highly jealous of them as I am desperate to have a go at this. On our last morning, as we got ready to leave, I watched three people paddle board from Carbis Bay round to St Ives and remember thinking that the view must be amazing from there.

 photo fromlucywithloveCornwallFeb16CarbisBaysunset_zpsnt6fw0ge.png

^^ The view over to Godrevy from Carbis Bay. See what I mean about watching the weather come in? 

19 February 2016


 photo fromlucywithlovefivethings19Feb2016_zpsgaoqmfxo.png
^^Top left: the amazing view from the top of St Michaels Mount / Top right: a few sketchbook roses / Bottom left: a beach selfie from Carbis Bay / Bottom right: Looking up in the rain forest dome at Eden Project^^

I am typing this blog post from a table where I can see the sea and I can report that I want to stay here. Forever. The only thing is that the internet is slower than me climbing the stairs post leg training day - so slow! Something must be going on with the internet where we are staying though as it is usually perfect. My dedication to getting this post up for you is 100% though and I am battling through the pain of the on-strike router for you guys ('cause I love ya!).

If you have been anywhere near Instagram this week then you will know that Joe and I are in Cornwall, for a week of P and R (pasties and relaxation). It has been absolutely perfect and I am wondering whether we can claim squatters rights on this apartment, after all, we have been here three times, surely that means something legally?

Let's move on to the things I have been grateful for this week...

1. Coastal walks and daily beach wandering. We always do a whole load of walking when we visit this amazing county, how can you not when you are so spoilt for choice? For me, it really makes me realise I am on a teeny, tiny dot in the middle of a vast universe when I see waves crashing on the rocks in front of me and weather coming in over the horizon. We are so lucky to have all of this around us and I adore spending time outside, taking it all in and just trying to quieten down my mind a little.

2. Treat-food week! It is pretty hard for me to just surrender to holiday style eating, but it is the one time of the year I let loose and have a few treats and pudding mid week - so bloomin' good! We have had a yummy Cornish breakfast, scones, pasties, fish and chips and so much more than I should list here! But it was enjoyable and it is back to the clean eating and training post-holiday!

3. A lovely email. I was contacted by a lovely lady this week who has chosen to get married in the same way Joe and I did, at Boho Cornwall, near where we are staying right now actually. I love hearing from you guys and it is nice to know that my videos on how we got married were useful to someone. Good luck to you both for your special day :-)

4. A healthier Gizmo! You guys may have seen that last week ended in a bit of a mess. I had a car accident and then woke up the next day to Gizmo limping about. The day before our holiday could not have been more stressful! Luckily, the best place for her to be was inside resting, so a week at the cattery was well timed. I am glad to report that she is on the mend and, according to the guy at the cattery, has cheered up since the first couple of days. Honestly, she is like my child, I worry like mad about her.

5. Friends on Sky. We don't have Sky at home, so having Friends on tap here in Cornwall has been pretty awesome! I ruddy love that show :-)

In other news:
We have been sleeping in the worlds most comfortable bed. I always sleep so well on whatever the mattress is in the apartment we are in. I am pretty convinced we can't afford one like it but that won't stop us looking at what it is before we leave! / Our welcome pack when we arrived had the most tasty chocolate in that I have ever experienced (and scones, and champagne). / Waking up in the night and hearing the sound of waves is something I need in my life more than once a year-it is so calming and utterly humbling. / Daffodils are everywhere in Cornwall and they are so beautiful to see by the field-load. / I have been glued to the BBC's mental health programmes this week. Good on them for showing raw and honest programmes about the struggle that is mental health. 

How has your week been ladies and gents? Come and chat in the comments below or over on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat (username: lucycarterart).

16 February 2016


Until I began my adventure into actually starting a creative business, I had no idea how many free, and totally amazing, resources were out there for people in my position. I had always known you could find articles and some fairly standard (if somewhat uninspiring and boring) bits and pieces on the internet, but I had never found anything mildly aimed at the creative market. But, let me tell you, as soon as I found one thing, the floodgates opened and, suddenly, I was overwhelmed with information, advice and motivation! 

Whilst finding these places that harbor little golden nuggets of joy was a really positive thing, I also think you can look at too much information and become confused and feel like you should always do more. I have learnt that balance is a good thing. These days I have regular places I search out information and I tend to just drop into other places as and when I have the time. 

Today I thought I would list out some things I have found particularly helpful; some are specific to my business and some are not, but I hope you find this list useful in some way!

:: Instagram & Pinterest
This is probably obvious, but I follow other creatives on these platforms for general inspiration, but also for ideas on styling and layout's for the future. I am a very visual person, so anything where images are the dominant force allows me to quickly decipher what I really like and what I really don't like which, ultimately, will translate into my brand.

 photo fromlucywithloveJumpingIn3_zpsnluhmgev.png
^^Top left: Ella Masters / Top right: Shannon Kirsten / Bottom left: Fly Over Design Co / Bottom right: Emily Quinton^^

My current favourite Instagrammer's are:
:: Shannon Kirsten - I adore Shannon's style and her Instagram feed is heaven on a stick to me. She often posts her stationary or works in progress and it is always so bright and full of life! Checkout her website too if you like her stuff.
:: Ella Masters - I mentioned Ella in a previous post as I admire how prolific she is. She looks art in the face and just makes it! She is not afraid to experiment and her style is very specific to her. I have a piece of her work in my office at home and it makes me smile whenever I look at it. Her blog is lovely too. She shares creative posts as well as very personal ones, but they are always sincere and written from the heart.
:: Fly Over Design - These ladies are a relatively new discovery to me but their style is so up my street. They have also put some pretty digital downloads on their blog recently for Valentines Day <3
:: Emily Quinton - If there is a person on this planet that knows how to take amazing photographs of flowers it is this lady! Even if flowers are not 'your thing' you will be able to draw layout inspiration from her beautiful images. I have serious Instagram envy!
(Find me on Instagram - I will also be launching my business Instagram soon...it is live already though if you fancy playing detective!)

A few of my favourite Pinner's:
:: For lifestyle inspiration
I adore Rosie's pins (from the blog Cider with Rosie). Her style aligns with my own (albeit my dream style, but it counts!). I also love Country Homes & Interiors, Lobster & Swan and The Simple Things (to be honest, there are so many I like that I could go on and on... Pinterest is my jam!).
:: For business branding and styling inspiration
I have mentioned on my blog before that I bought a book called 'How to Style Your Brand' by Fiona Humberstone and raved about how great it is. Well, her Pinterest account is just as fabulous. Check it out if you are looking for branding tips or just general creative inspiration! Another creative entrepreneur, whose blog/website 'Her Lovely Heart' I visit regularly, is another useful account for business, blogging and creative tips and advice.
:: For creative lustings
 Oh No Rachio is an account by a lovely illustrator and blogger and I always enjoy mooching through her latest pins. Another creative account I follow is The Peppermint Pencil, I particularly love her boards titled 'Print' and 'Words'. I mentioned her in my Instagram favourites, but felt the need to throw her Pinterest account in here too because, well, I love her work - Shannon Kirsten is simply fab!
(Find my blog Pinterest here and my business one here)

 photo fromlucywithloveFavouritePodcasts_zpszo1btolq.png
^^ Top left: Gemma Sands 'Free to Flourish Radio' / Top right: 'Being Boss' / Bottom left: 'Make it Happen' by Jen carrington / Bottom right: 'Blogtacular' with Kat Molesworth^^

:: Podcasts
I did a short post on my Facebook Page about my favourite podcasts, but I will also list them here so you can jump on over! Podcasts are my best discovery of 2015. Don't worry, I knew they existed, but I had never used them as a resource before. I play the ones I have saved on my journey to and from work and find they really help boost my general mood for the day as well as help me get my mind focused on my goals and keep me on form to achieve them.

Although I subscribe (via iTunes) to a fair amount, my favourites are:
:: Being Boss by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson - this one I would recommend for any blogger or creative entrepreneur out there. These ladies are amazingly experienced and have really great guests on too. I cannot big them up enough.
:: Free to Flourish Radio by Gemma Sands - as you know by now, Gemma was my business coach for a while (and will be again one day!). What I love about Gemma's podcast is that they are short enough to fit in during a tea-break but full of useful information and guidance. Her subject matter is always honest and sometimes even vulnerable and I really admire and respect that.
:: Make it Happen by Jen Carrington - Jen recently had a bit of a break from her first season of podcasts but is back with season two and I am loving it so far. Her usual podcast is an interview with a blogger or business owner but recently she has added in some shorter 'minisode's' into the mix, which are super helpful and easy to fit into your day if you don't have too much time.
:: Blogtacular, with Kat Molesworth, is all about blogging (obviously!) and if you haven't heard of it, Blogtacular is an annual blogger's event full of workshops, talks and inspiration for all kinds of bloggers everywhere. I haven't been to it yet but will certainly jump on board that event one day!

I hope you have found this post useful - sorry it was so long but I wanted to get stuck into some of the things I have found inspiring and useful recently with the hope that it may help some of you too. Let me know if you have any recommendations in the comments, I'd love to know!

12 February 2016


from Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/470274386066914966/ photo fromlucywithlovefivethingspost12Feb2016_zpsdt9dcpmp.png
{Beautiful Valentine's flowers sourced from Pinterest | Original found here}

Firstly I need to apologise that I didn't get the chance to post anything this week - I have things scheduled for next week though so bear with me. It has been a full on week that certainly has not slowed down as we get to the end of it.

Despite a slightly dodgy week, I am still looking on the bright side. Cornwall beckons and I cannot wait to see and smell the sea, it is my favourite thing and it has been almost a whole year already since I last caught sight of a beach. I am longing to hear the waves again when I wake up in the night and this will be a reality tomorrow night so I am hanging on in there for that. I desperately wanted to book to do some paddle-boarding lessons but am thinking that I may have to wait for a warmer time (Am I a wimp? Probably!).

Have you guys all had a good week? What's been going on with you? Let's have our usual chat in the comments or via Snapchat (lucycarterart).

Onto this weeks 'Five Things...'

1. Pancakes! My poor mum basically got bullied into making my dad and I pancakes on Tuesday evening, but make them she did! I bet you have already guessed what I had on mine? If you guessed Nutella you would be right. I can't remember the last time I had pancakes on Shrove Tuesday but I thoroughly enjoyed them :-)

2. Instagram. Finally Instagram have added the switch-between-accounts feature, which is something I have been hoping would happen for a while. I wanted to start adding to my new business account so that, when I launch, there is some background content, but that whole logging off/logging on between two accounts was a royal pain in the back side. Now, I don't have to worry about that at all! Hurrah! More on my other Instagram another day!

3. Fresh bread. Those of you who know me well will know that I rarely eat bread. Not because I am worried I will bloat up uncontrollably like an oompa loompa, but simply because it doesn't really agree with me (yeah ok, I do bloat up like an oompa loompa!). On Wednesday however, I had the urge to get some fresh, crusty bread on my journey home, to assist with the bowl mopping duties... it was from Marks and Spencers (fancy!) and it was so damn delicious I wanted to stuff it all down my neck and doze off into a bread coma.

4. Early birthday presents. My trendy, pancake-making mother, was wearing a pair of jegging/jeans this week (you know my jean struggles are real!) and when I saw them I immediately thought 'I hate jeggings, but they look really nice!'. I tried them on and loved them so she went out the next day to find some for me as an early birthday present. I am so lucky and now have something to wear with my huge jumpers whilst walking in Cornwall! <3

5. Free business resources. This week I put together a huge list of all the things I still have to do to get my business in order, and suddenly felt very overwhelmed. I then pulled out a worksheet that my friend Helena had let me have a copy of and followed a little bit of advice from it which seemed to help! It was fairly straight forward advice but worked for me and could help you in a variety of situations where you may be struggling to find an order to do things in, so I thought I would share it! They suggested that, in order to move forward with business or life plans, you need to make a huge list of things you want/need to do, including any big things or dreams that seem over-powering at this moment (and all  the small things in-between). Once you are done they advise to get a piece of paper and start by drawing a dot on one side and label it 'I am here' or 'this is now'. From the dot, draw a horizontal line and create a timeline of goals. I found it best to put my most pie in the sky dream furthest away from the dot and slowly plot all the others on little vertical lines coming away from the main one. This was a great way to see what would be the best order to approach things and see the logic in what can be a mush of information and ideas in your head.

In other news:
I have been madly pinning away on Pinterest like a nut job - it is one of my main sources of inspiration. If you want to follow me on Pinterest here are the links to my 'From Lucy with Love' account and my new 'Leaf Lane Studio' account. It is still a work in progress so bear with me! / One of my ruddy amazing friends from Instagram (find her here) sent me a mini Pixi Glow Tonic this week and I absolutely love it! Thank you lovely lady / An incident I was involved in yesterday, despite it being totally rubbish, has slightly restored my faith in human beings. In a situation that could've forced anger and resentment, a person was very kind and thoughtful and that meant a whole lot. A bit of faith was restored - every cloud huh?

Have an amazing weekend everyone. Stay tuned to my blog next week for part three of my 'Jumping In' blog series.

5 February 2016


 photo fromlucywithlovefivethingspost5Feb2016_zpsagop7q98.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest}

As we reach the end of another week I am on serious half-term countdown! (One more week to go!). This week was a little upside down for me as I switched up my days when I would normally stay away from home, so I was a day out of sync all week! But, that said, it flew by and was a relatively good week in the scheme of things! I spent my week dreaming about half term lie-ins and free time (what is that anyway?!). To have guilt free days that are just for Joe and I are something I very much look forward to.

Let's jump in to the things that I have been grateful for this week...

1. Hearing your stories. Following the blog post I wrote last week about taking risks a few of you got in touch to tell me your stories. Thank you so much! It is lovely to hear that you have made a jump and had the faith that things will happen and other doors will open for you. It was super inspiring to read what you have been up to and helps me to realise that the things I feel sometimes are totally normal.

2. Girly catch ups. This week I met up with my lovely friend Helena for a catch up over dinner (on a school night and everything!). I met Helena through my blog and we have been pals since then. Nothing quite eases the soul than a good old laugh for a couple of hours, chatting about God knows what and sharing an ice-cream sundae :-)

3. Ella Masters is a bloomin' wonderful creative. I love her work and the fact that she is so prolific. This week, on her blog, she shared a post about how to be more creative and, although it states all the things we all probably know, it was nice to read it and get a mini kick up the butt (again) - I need this constantly! Personally, I can be ridiculously hard on myself sometimes which can paralyse my creativity for weeks, if not months, so reading posts like Ella's really help to keep at it!

4. Although this isn't actually happening until tomorrow I am very grateful (in advance) that it is! Tomorrow I am getting my grey hairs covered up, highlights refreshed and an inch or so chopped off my mane and I cannot wait. New hair is the ingredient to a better mood. 

5. Coming home last night to a packed of mini-eggs in the fridge thanks to my bloody wonderful husband. 

In other news:
I laughed a whole lot to the new Late, Late Show Carpool Karaoke with Chris Martin - the best one yet I think / I have been rather addicted to the stupid filters on Snapchat this week. They are utterly ridiculous but seem to keep me entertained for ages! (If you haven't added me yet my username is lucycarterart!) / I have been desperately trying to come up with something to give Joe for our first wedding anniversary - any ideas? What did you guys do for yours? / I treated myself to some new skincare this week and am now on a spending ban for the rest of the month (not that I spend a lot but I can't afford too many treats!). I am filming a bit of a make up and skin care video soon so won't give away what I bought just yet :-)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. Don't forget to come and say hello over here or here!

1 February 2016


 photo fromlucywithloveTakingStockJan2016_zpsdcy3tp05.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Original from 'A Pair & a Spare'}

The first 'Taking Stock' post of 2016! It has been my favourite January for many, many years. I started the month feeling all kinds of positive, and I am happy to report that I still feel that way. I hope your month has been full of wonderful things and happy moments too.

Making | an effort to update my wardrobe.
Cooking | courgetti a million different ways, all trying to work out how to stop it watering in the bowl! Any one got any tips? I've tried SO many ways people!
Drinking | honestly guys, it is always tea and water!
Reading | 'Big Magic' by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am still working through this bit by bit and loving every word.
Wanting | to stuff chocolate in my face right now!
Looking | for books on wild flowers for painting inspiration.
Playing | old Bryan Adams album's.
Deciding | I need to learn more about macro's to make my diet better.
Wishing | for a guilt-free lay-in (come on February half term!).
Enjoying | planning my business website content.
Watching | 'The Un-datables' - horrible title, but lovely show <3
Waiting | for spring to arrive. I am always waiting for the next season to arrive.
Liking | wearing a slightly more nude lipstick every now and again (video coming soon on that!)
Wondering how to make mini-eggs a main food group and get away with it.
Loving | that there is such an accessible network of creative entrepreneurs out-there, supporting each other and willing to get behind people doing the same thing they are. 
Hoping | it will snow soon (school snow day!).
Marvelling | at the nights sky, always.
Needing | to get my butt in gear and wash my poor car. It is like a junk yard inside and out and I hate that! If it would only stop raining for long enough for me to get out there :-)
Smelling | spring flowers in Waitrose.
Wearing | a dress to work for the first time ever.
Following | wonderful creatives on Instagram including: Shannon Kirsten / Kayla Painted / Moogbee
Noticing | it is getting a little lighter in the afternoons again.
Knowing | that I finally feel confident I am on the right path.
Thinking | how fast almost one year of marriage has flown by.
Feeling | excited for my birthday, I love birthdays!
Opening | many parcels of jeans (all of them have been sent back by the way!). I hate shopping for jeans!
Giggling | at the Star Wars air fresheners in Tesco's. I cannot believe Darth Vader is vanilla scented, for heavens sake, surely he should be oil scented or fumes or something!

If you fancy having a shot a a 'Taking Stock' post on your blog let me know where I can find you! If you don't have a blog just comment with a few things below :-)
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