28 January 2016


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This post is a bit different for me (well, kind of!) as I'm looking for your thoughts and experiences today... but before I ask, here is what started my thinking:

I was having a conversation with a colleague this week; we were chatting about the fears involved with taking a risk that could lead to amazing things. On the back of that he was talking to me about a YouTube video he had seen, featuring a guy called Steve Harvey, where Harvey was talking to his audience about us all being put on this Earth with some sort of 'gift'. He was saying to the audience how we all have to let go of this thought that our 'gift' can only be one of singing, dancing or sports, and that our gift may be what most people consider ordinary, such as the ability to bake really well or network with people in a way that grabs their attention. He actually mentions a guy he knows, who has a gift for cutting grass; he is so good at it, and enjoys it so much, that he is now the owner of a million-dollar company! 

Harvey puts it to his audience that, in order for our gift to flourish, in order for it to fully reveal itself to us, that we have to 'Jump' and allow the gift to be our parachute. This was particularly interesting to me at this point in my life, given all the things I have going on, but also because I have recently been thinking about the steps I should consider taking to move forward faster. Since I have welcomed that thought into my head, I have been seeing many things that say 'jump', 'take the leap' and 'move forward towards success' - call it a sign or a coincidence, whatever it is, it is motivational and somewhat interesting right now!

The thing is with all this 'making your dream life' business, is that, if you jump, you aren't guaranteed first-jump-success! This is something else that Harvey mentions in his talk. He says that your parachute may not open right away and how we, inevitably, may end up bruised and battered the first time, but just to hang on and have faith that something will happen (but just jump anyway!).

I wanted to write about this so that I could ask you for some of your experiences. You guys are always so helpful and supportive and I thought you may have some success to celebrate through taking a risk in your life, how it felt to do it and how you managed to push yourself forwards. This could relate to anything in your life: work, relationships, fitness goals, friendships...anything at all. If you are up for sharing a bit about your story please comment below or, if you feel more comfortable, you could email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com. I would love to hear from you and get some inspiration from your experiences. 

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