22 January 2016


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Did you guys blink and miss this week? Phew, I thought it was just me. The last few days have flown by in a blur of de-icing the car and wrapping my scarf around my neck a gazillion times! The temperature was minus eight on Wednesday when I left for work, that is ccc-cold! Plus, in some crazy joke of a way, my office heating doesn't reach temperature until about two in the afternoon - say what now?!

How has your week been guys, did you get snow? Or maybe you live in somewhere that has heaps of snow all the time and wonder why English people get so excited! Let me know what your highlight or funny moment of the week has been in the comments, you know I love that!

Onto this weeks 'Things I am grateful for list' then...

1. My Hush sale bargain! A while ago I ordered a dress in the Hush sale which was reduced from £55 to £40 (still a bit pricey for me, but I really liked the shape of it!). When it arrived I was still in love with the style, but the pattern just wasn't for me. I saw they had the exact same style in a navy so asked them to swap it but it went out of stock and I thought I had missed out - I was gutted because it isn't too often I find a dress I like. Anyhoo, I received the dress through the post this week along with a £10 refund as it had dropped to £30 in the sale :-)

2. Hand cream in my hair... bear with me on this! I have realised that whenever the weather is super-cold, my hair turns ridiculously static and there is not much I can do to stop it. At work this week I looked in the mirror only to discover that my hair was sticking right out on my head with static, I looked like a crazed dandelion. I tried to think creatively and use what I had immediately at hand, which was certainly not a bag full of hair products! I took a tiny bit of my hand cream in my hands and rubbed it between my palms, then smoothed it through the ends of my hair - it seemed to work! You're welcome!

3. Finding our Eden Project annual tickets. We are off to Cornwall in a few weeks and we always go to The Eden Project (if you have never been you should go if you are ever in the county, it is so thoughtful and beautiful there, at any time of year). When you go, your tickets are valid for a whole year and for a moment there I thought we had misplaced ours. I can't wait to go and get lots of inspiration for artwork for the business, plus the gift shop is pretty darn awesome too :-)

4. A good old fashioned Tunnocks Tea Cake and a cup of tea went down a treat on Monday morning. I'd forgotten all about those marshmallow goodies!

5. Random, funny work moments. Working in a school is a bit mental most of the time and this week has been a funny one, so I thought I would share some moments: I found myself crouched down, frog-about-to-leap style, with the Heads PA, as we warmed ourselves up next to a heater / I watched a group of about 10 teenagers amuse themselves on the smallest ever frozen puddle for their entire lunch break / a student told me my hair looked pretty (I had curled it) then obviously got embarrassed so followed up his compliment with 'actually, it doesn't anymore', before walking off! / the same student asked me what would happen to him if he '...ate a raw potato out of a beaker', I am not sure of the relevance of the beaker to this day / some kids got embarrassed when I walked in on them singing a Justin Bieber song at the top of their voices, most of them were boys... maybe that's why!

In other news:
We are off for brunch at Bills on Sunday and I cannot wait! It's been a while since we treated ourselves to something breakfasty there. It'll be pancakes all the way for me, you know it makes sense! / I discovered I get seriously triggered by watching stationary based YouTube video's! I adore Fran's videos where she shows her work as an illustrator and talks about what tools and products she uses, and I got totally hooked to the video she did this week about watercolour markers - I realise that if you are not a creative type that you will currently be thinking 'really Lucy, you got excited about a marker pen?' - it's fine, I know it seems strange! / Whilst listening to a podcast this week I discovered Tara Mohr's book 'Playing Big' and am now desperate to get my hands on it. It is kind of along the same motivational lines as the Elizabeth Gilbert book, 'Big Magic', that I have been talking about and I am all about those books right now! 


  1. Ooh I love a good brunch, especially when pancakes are involved. I actually made myself pancakes last Sunday which were super yummy so I might do that again this weekend. xx

    1. Pancakes are awesome! I have never made a successful batch yet... maybe I need your recipe! Mine either burn or tear apart! Mind you, it has been many years since I gave it another bash, maybe I will have magically improved with age ;-)
      Hope you had a lovely weekend! X


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