15 January 2016


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^^I love this little bear^^

Oh, hello there Friday, it's you again.

As fast as this week has flown by, it has been one of 'all the news' hasn't it? Two great, creative minds being taken away (RIP to my favourite Harry Potter character of all time) and the world seems to be fighting against itself constantly, which is so sad. In contrast to that I have been glued to 'Stargazing Live' on BBC Two which, as a massive space geek, is the best thing ever to me!

I have really enjoyed chatting to you guys in the comments of my posts this week, so please keep saying 'hello', or join in on Snapchat (my username is 'lucycarterart'). You guys really are brilliant.

Shall we move on to this weeks 'grateful list'? Okay, lets...

1. I have definitely mentioned this book on here before but it has to take top spot this week because it is really kicking my butt, creatively speaking of course! 'Big Magic' by Elizabeth Gilbert is fast becoming my religion. Not only is it super easy to read, with short, punchy chapters, but it is kick-ass! I said to someone the other day that I felt like it had been written for me, because everything I am experiencing right now, through the planning and creation of my new business, is coming up in this book. It is also very apparent that I am not alone in all these feelings (well, obviously, a whole book has been written about it!). I would recommend you get 'Big Magic' if you are on any creative endevour: writing, art, music, blogging, acting, a creative business...whatever it is. It is a wonderful read.

2. Watching Gizmo act like a weirdo because she could smell the toothpaste I was using. I really had no idea cats go bonkers for the smell of mint. You learn something new everyday. She actually chased me into the bathroom and laid down over my feet making the strangest 'meow' sound ever! (Please let me hear some of your funny cat/dog tales in the comments!). PS: she then slept for almost 12 hours, but I'm not sure if that was mint related!

3. Mini-eggs straight out the fridge! Need I say anything else? Yum.

4. A neck massage from my mum. On Wednesday night, after a day of neck pain and headaches, my mum supplied me with a hot water bottle and a microwavable heat pillow, for the various aching places on my body, and massaged my neck and head (thanks mum!). As a side note: if you have used dry shampoo on your hair in the morning, then get a head massage, it is highly likely you may look like a mop in a storm.

5. Daffodils are back in the shops. You may know by now that they are my favourite flowers - I love all spring flowers really but these are top of the list! I am slightly concerned that they are already pushing through the ground in lots of places but it is still wonderful to see them pop their heads out.

In other news:
I found my iPod! If you read last weeks post, you will know I was hunting high and low for the bloomin' thing. Where did I find it? In a place I had looked in about five times. I was actually looking for something else when I found it, so very typical. What does that teach us? Stop seeking and you will find! / The hubby is finally happy because it's turned cold outside. Evidently, it is 'not winter until it is cold'. / Two kids at work have joked that I am 50 years old this week...what?! / I really, really want to make a homemade pizza :-)


  1. I'm so happy mini eggs are back, I need to get some!
    Big Magic has caught my eye a few times, and I've heard a lot of great things. I need to get hold of a copy :) x

    Bethan Likes

    1. Mini eggs are truly wonderful - go and get some right now :-)
      You won't regret picking up Big Magic. It is so good. Let me know what you think if you do get it! I will re-read it once I have finished so I can really take it in because I have been super inspired by it. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend lovely x

  2. Yay for finding the iPod! And I love seeing the daffodils back in the shops, they always make me happy because it means Spring is coming and it's going to start getting warmer.

    Hollie | hollieshighlights.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Yay for my finding skills! I love filling the house with daffodils, they are so pretty and brighten up a dull day. As much as I love autumn and winter, I must admit I am looking forward to brighter days, more specifically the lighter mornings... I really miss the lighter mornings! x


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