8 January 2016


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Yay -we have started the New Year and made it through the first week! How has yours been? I have to say, hand on heart, that this NY has been one of the best starts to a NY ever, for me anyway. Not because something absolutely outstanding has happened, but just because, for once in my life, I didn't wait until January to start getting my sh** together. It felt good to have exercised my little socks off all through December and to have been already in the mindset that I usually try to get in every time the month of January comes around. I feel inspired and good to go for 2016 and that feel so good! 

I must engage in a little shameless promotion before we dig into this post, because it is not every day you get to write a post for one of your favourite blogger-type-people, so I am bloomin' determined to mention it again! Last Friday Michelle, from lifestyle blog 'Life Outside London', featured a guest post I had written called 'The Reality of Following Your Dreams' - I was giddy with excitement to be on her blog as I actually love that woman! So, please head over there and have a little read when you are done here - I am sure most of you have heard of her by now as I do have a tendency to mention her a bit. If you like the post I wrote over there then you should definitely check out this one too, which is the first part of a blog series I have started called 'Jumping In'.

There, that's done! Let's get onto this weeks 'Five Things...'.

1. Holiday plans have to be top of the list for things I am grateful for this week. My lovely husband decided that we had to get organised and book a week in our favourite place, Cornwall. We usually go a couple of times every year but have just not been able to do it recently. We are heading there right before my birthday in February, which is the best thing I could wish for, I adore that place. Nothing beats hearing the sea when you are laying in bed and coming in from a long walk and enjoying a steaming cup of tea whilst taking in the amazing Cornish view from the window. Bring on February!

2. I have been searching all over for a calendar that I actually like for my office and I finally found one on Etsy this week! I have pictured the month of January above, but each month is different and I think it is super cute! I got it from the shop called Printable Pineapple and I believe it is just called the printable 2016 calendar - definitely go and check it out, I love it!

3. Having conversations via Snapchat. If you have been following me on Snapchat, or just seen me talking about it on here or on Instagram, then you will know that I still have my 'L' plates on when it comes to using it correctly. But, when I am not accidentally deleting things people send to me I have actually had some lovely chats with some lovely people. I really enjoy getting to know you guys and when we have a little catch up over on any social media it really makes my day. If you want to follow along with me on Snapchat, please search for my username on the app, which is 'lucycarterart'.

4. Harry Potter weeknights! Joe and I have started watching the HP's from the start recently and watched number three, The Prisoner of Azkaban, last night. They are a perfect way to start the year and help to keep it magical!

5. Wonderful and very encouraging comments to my previous blog post. I can't tell you how anxious I was to hit 'publish' on that post, but I heard a very successful blogger say that if you feel nervous you should hit publish - so I did! You guys are the reason I don't stop blogging; you are incredibly kind and so supportive and I cannot tell you enough what a difference it makes. Making friends online has been so great and I love chatting to you all. Thank you for always being so motivational and lovely! (xoxo)

In other news:
I forgot I placed an order (ages ago) for the Essie polish everyone has been harping on about for months, Maximillian Strasse-Her, and it arrived yesterday! To be fair, I am not short of nail polishes after having my amazing Ciate advent calender through December and getting some extra polishes from my mum for Christmas, but I ordered this ages ago so I cannot be blamed! / I lost my iPod. This weekend will be about me searching for it. You know when you have seen something lying around, go to get it and it's gone... yep, annoying isn't it! / I have been ooo-ing and ahh-ing over Rosie's gorgeous new puppy / If you are a fan of podcasts, hop on over to my Facebook Page. I put a short post on there this week linking my top four favourites at the moment!

Have a fantastic weekend lovely people. Come and say hi over on Snapchat (lucycarterart) or on Instagram - honestly, I'd love it! 


  1. Oh that calendar is really cute! And hurrah for week night (Harry) Pottering, anything to get through that first week back to the grind.
    Sending you lots of Friday love
    M x

    1. You can't beat HP for getting you all warm and fuzzy (that sounds a little wrong doesn't it? You know what I mean!). Have a fabulous weekend lovely lady bird xx

  2. Sounds like you've had a great week (apart from losing the iPod)! That's exciting that you've booked to go to one of your favourite places, I'm currently in the process of booking a week away and it's doing my head in!

    Hollie | hollieshighlights.blogspot.co.uk

    1. The iPod will (and must) be found!! I will be devastated if it is gone forever! It was pressie from my 30th (so it is almost 5 years old) so it has sentimental value too :-( What locations are you looking at for your hols lovely? Was your xmas and NY good?xx

    2. Ah I'm sure you'll find it! I had a lovely Christmas and New Year thanks, all back to reality and work now. I'm looking abroad- I'd love to go to Santorini or one of the other Greek islands but it's just so expensive!

    3. That sounds wonderful! I know what you mean about cost though. We haven't been abroad once in the entire time we have been together because we just cab't afford it! Going away in this country isn't cheap either but it is a little better for us at the moment. Fingers crossed that you find something honey! xx

  3. I love that shade of Essie nail polish...I've bookmarked it (until next month -doesn't count when it's purchased post-January right?!) Harry Potter nights sound fab, as does holiday planning - I need to start doing that, always good to have something lined up to look forward to :)

    C x

    1. Hi! Glad you like the nail polish - I love it! (If definitely doesn't count post January! Go for it!). Only two more HP films to watch now until we have done the lot - love a bit of escapism through those stories - so good. Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment, it means so much! Have a fab week xx Lucy xx


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