29 January 2016


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Happy Friday everyone! We made it! 

Hand on heart, this week has been a tough one for me. I haven't quite felt like me all week and I really don't know why (hence a bit of radio-silence on Snapchat and a few of my usual haunts). Everything has been the same, no big event took place, but I just felt a little off-piste in myself. I am feeling a little more up-beat today however, partly because I have already done my 40 minutes of cardio before even starting work, which has kind of set me up for the day!

All that said though, there is always something to be grateful for, even in a bit of a 'meh' week...

1. Home-made cake. After deciding that this week would be the week I was super-duper healthy all week long, my mum called and said she had made a Victoria sponge cake. I usually have fairly good willpower, but this week that did fly slightly out the window (way over the horizon if I'm honest!) but it was nice to enjoy a sweet treat!

2. Being up early enough to see the amazing sunrise's we have had this week. I leave home at 6.30am and drive towards the sun as it comes up. This week I have seen a couple of beautiful ones that have blown my mind completely. It makes me put every worry to the back of my mind and just enjoy the start of the new day (sorry, I realise that sounds a little hippy, but you know what I mean!).

3. Funny fortune telling at work. Our finance office at work is a constant place of fun and games. At any celebratory time of year, the ladies in the office decorate and celebrate with enthusiasm and pride for whatever the occasion may be (they are awesome human beings in there, they really are!). This week I experienced a whole new offering from them however; fortune telling. The concept was simple: you pick a love heart (down-turned so you cannot read it) and then you have your choice interpreted by the mystical Melanie's fortune skills. I picked 'Make Up', typical! Rather than tell me to stop buying make up, or to make up with someone, I was given a lovely compliment instead - not exactly fortune, but it was nice nonetheless!

4. New MAC lipstick. I realise this is a fairly shallow thing to put on here, but it's the little treats sometimes isn't it! I will being doing a little haul on my YouTube channel very soon, so I won't give the game away right now and tell you which ones I got! :-)

5. Inspiring conversations. I wrote about one of them on yesterdays post but I have had several this week. I sometimes think that when you are feeling a bit down in the dumps, things can just come to you to help give you an optimistic nudge, and that is what I feel has been happening this week. I always appreciate 'putting the world to rights' with someone who is fairly similar to me in thoughts and goals and appreciate hearing their advice too.

In other news:
No jeans fit me. If you have been following my 'I-need-to-buy-new-skinny-jeans-asap-as-my-other-ones-have-died' journey on Snapchat (username: lucycarterart), then you will know that I have been on a serious mission to find jeans that fit nicely. I have failed at every turn and the search is still on. If you have any recommendations for me then throw them into the comments below!! Maybe I am made of spare parts? / Thanks to Spotify, I have been having a serious walk down memory road and listening to a whole load of albums I haven't heard for a good while (Bryan Adams, Del Amitri, Counting Crows etc), plus some new stuff I was planning on buying but wasn't too sure about - gotta love Spotify! / I've been mulling over signing up with Laura from 'Fitness Muffin' for an 8 week, let's kick your arse programme (they are not the words she uses, but my own!) - I need some help with the nutrition side of things and have someone to be held accountable to, so I think, post Cornish getaway, it is going to happen and I cannot wait!

Have an amazing weekend everyone :-)

28 January 2016


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This post is a bit different for me (well, kind of!) as I'm looking for your thoughts and experiences today... but before I ask, here is what started my thinking:

I was having a conversation with a colleague this week; we were chatting about the fears involved with taking a risk that could lead to amazing things. On the back of that he was talking to me about a YouTube video he had seen, featuring a guy called Steve Harvey, where Harvey was talking to his audience about us all being put on this Earth with some sort of 'gift'. He was saying to the audience how we all have to let go of this thought that our 'gift' can only be one of singing, dancing or sports, and that our gift may be what most people consider ordinary, such as the ability to bake really well or network with people in a way that grabs their attention. He actually mentions a guy he knows, who has a gift for cutting grass; he is so good at it, and enjoys it so much, that he is now the owner of a million-dollar company! 

Harvey puts it to his audience that, in order for our gift to flourish, in order for it to fully reveal itself to us, that we have to 'Jump' and allow the gift to be our parachute. This was particularly interesting to me at this point in my life, given all the things I have going on, but also because I have recently been thinking about the steps I should consider taking to move forward faster. Since I have welcomed that thought into my head, I have been seeing many things that say 'jump', 'take the leap' and 'move forward towards success' - call it a sign or a coincidence, whatever it is, it is motivational and somewhat interesting right now!

The thing is with all this 'making your dream life' business, is that, if you jump, you aren't guaranteed first-jump-success! This is something else that Harvey mentions in his talk. He says that your parachute may not open right away and how we, inevitably, may end up bruised and battered the first time, but just to hang on and have faith that something will happen (but just jump anyway!).

I wanted to write about this so that I could ask you for some of your experiences. You guys are always so helpful and supportive and I thought you may have some success to celebrate through taking a risk in your life, how it felt to do it and how you managed to push yourself forwards. This could relate to anything in your life: work, relationships, fitness goals, friendships...anything at all. If you are up for sharing a bit about your story please comment below or, if you feel more comfortable, you could email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com. I would love to hear from you and get some inspiration from your experiences. 

22 January 2016


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{This pretty image was sourced from Pinterest | Original unknown}

Did you guys blink and miss this week? Phew, I thought it was just me. The last few days have flown by in a blur of de-icing the car and wrapping my scarf around my neck a gazillion times! The temperature was minus eight on Wednesday when I left for work, that is ccc-cold! Plus, in some crazy joke of a way, my office heating doesn't reach temperature until about two in the afternoon - say what now?!

How has your week been guys, did you get snow? Or maybe you live in somewhere that has heaps of snow all the time and wonder why English people get so excited! Let me know what your highlight or funny moment of the week has been in the comments, you know I love that!

Onto this weeks 'Things I am grateful for list' then...

1. My Hush sale bargain! A while ago I ordered a dress in the Hush sale which was reduced from £55 to £40 (still a bit pricey for me, but I really liked the shape of it!). When it arrived I was still in love with the style, but the pattern just wasn't for me. I saw they had the exact same style in a navy so asked them to swap it but it went out of stock and I thought I had missed out - I was gutted because it isn't too often I find a dress I like. Anyhoo, I received the dress through the post this week along with a £10 refund as it had dropped to £30 in the sale :-)

2. Hand cream in my hair... bear with me on this! I have realised that whenever the weather is super-cold, my hair turns ridiculously static and there is not much I can do to stop it. At work this week I looked in the mirror only to discover that my hair was sticking right out on my head with static, I looked like a crazed dandelion. I tried to think creatively and use what I had immediately at hand, which was certainly not a bag full of hair products! I took a tiny bit of my hand cream in my hands and rubbed it between my palms, then smoothed it through the ends of my hair - it seemed to work! You're welcome!

3. Finding our Eden Project annual tickets. We are off to Cornwall in a few weeks and we always go to The Eden Project (if you have never been you should go if you are ever in the county, it is so thoughtful and beautiful there, at any time of year). When you go, your tickets are valid for a whole year and for a moment there I thought we had misplaced ours. I can't wait to go and get lots of inspiration for artwork for the business, plus the gift shop is pretty darn awesome too :-)

4. A good old fashioned Tunnocks Tea Cake and a cup of tea went down a treat on Monday morning. I'd forgotten all about those marshmallow goodies!

5. Random, funny work moments. Working in a school is a bit mental most of the time and this week has been a funny one, so I thought I would share some moments: I found myself crouched down, frog-about-to-leap style, with the Heads PA, as we warmed ourselves up next to a heater / I watched a group of about 10 teenagers amuse themselves on the smallest ever frozen puddle for their entire lunch break / a student told me my hair looked pretty (I had curled it) then obviously got embarrassed so followed up his compliment with 'actually, it doesn't anymore', before walking off! / the same student asked me what would happen to him if he '...ate a raw potato out of a beaker', I am not sure of the relevance of the beaker to this day / some kids got embarrassed when I walked in on them singing a Justin Bieber song at the top of their voices, most of them were boys... maybe that's why!

In other news:
We are off for brunch at Bills on Sunday and I cannot wait! It's been a while since we treated ourselves to something breakfasty there. It'll be pancakes all the way for me, you know it makes sense! / I discovered I get seriously triggered by watching stationary based YouTube video's! I adore Fran's videos where she shows her work as an illustrator and talks about what tools and products she uses, and I got totally hooked to the video she did this week about watercolour markers - I realise that if you are not a creative type that you will currently be thinking 'really Lucy, you got excited about a marker pen?' - it's fine, I know it seems strange! / Whilst listening to a podcast this week I discovered Tara Mohr's book 'Playing Big' and am now desperate to get my hands on it. It is kind of along the same motivational lines as the Elizabeth Gilbert book, 'Big Magic', that I have been talking about and I am all about those books right now! 

20 January 2016


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Welcome back to my new blog series 'Jumping In'. If you are wondering what on Earth 'Jumping In' is all about then you should stop reading this post for a second and have a quick catch up with the first post I wrote in this series, you can find that right here.

It is hard to sit down and write about something you are still going through, but it is also extremely cathartic to do so, because it helps you realise how far you have come, which is a useful thing for me as it is such a slow process! Today, I thought I would write about the many excuses I made not to do this before now because, although it may seem a bit of a negative subject, I am hoping it will resonate with someone and maybe even give you a push to start.

Let's do this.

1 :: Not knowing where to start
This must be a huge barrier for a lot of people I think, especially if you are embarking on a project or business idea on your own. The easy part is the day-dreaming part, the part where you imagine how amazing it is all going to be and how your life will be when you achieve everything you have dreamed of. (As a side note, I have done this for years and years and FYI, nothing actually changes unless you do something about it!). The remedy to this is to tell people your idea and brainstorm it out with a friend or someone who is in business that will understand how it feels to begin a new venture. If the thing you want to do is start a blog, reach out to your favourite bloggers and ask questions, get inspired, then get on-line and start a blog. 

I was super lucky as I was able to work with a business/lifestyle coach, who I have mentioned many times on here, Gemma Sands. Gemma asked me so many questions in our first couple of sessions and, honestly, mostly my answers were 'I don't know' or 'I haven't thought about it yet'. She really forced me to think about the what's, why' and how's and allowed me to see that starting anywhere was better than not starting at all.

2 :: Feeling overwhelmed
I guess this kind of comes along hand in hand with point one. If you don't know where to start it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. For example, with my new business-to-be, I know how to make art work, I have a degree in art, I have all I need to physically make the work, but what I didn't know (and am still learning) is how to get that 'print ready'. I also have no idea how to file a tax return or what it is like to work for myself. All of these things are extremely scary and easily overwhelming (let alone all there is to get sorted before you launch!), but they are also a little exciting, if you let them be. In the last 12 months I have realised that the fear of not doing this venture is bigger than the fear of doing it and that counts for a whole lot!

3 :: Not knowing how to do everything
Another point linked to the ones above is that you are never going to know how to do everything needed to get going. I feel that this is pretty true for most ventures; there will always be something you are not sure of. If Gemma is reading this, she will verify that I was paralysed with fear and doubt for so many things because, as an extreme perfectionist, I felt I should know how to do it all. It is part of who I am to set very high goals for myself and forget to set mini ones that are more achievable along the way. One of the big things I have learnt from Gemma, and all the podcasts I listen to, is that you cannot start something already being an expert in every aspect of it! This comes with time, practice and experience (which also includes failure!). Honestly, everything I was super worried about that had stopped me doing this project were absolutely fine when I actually did them. When I think on where I could be at now if I had just got the hell on with it,...it could easily drive me nuts :-)

4 :: Feeling not good enough
I am going to keep this section short and simple. Too much comparison is unhealthy. I will write a whole blog post on this soon as it has been a huge topic of pondering for me this last 18 months or so. I am almost there in my head with it and will share my thoughts soon. Just stop comparing! Everyone's work, whatever it is and however you like to do it, is valid. That's it.

5 :: Having no time
This is still unresolved for me. When you want to start something and, let's say, you have a full time job, or a family to look after, no-one is going to suddenly knock on your door and give you a miracle (I have prayed for this, trust me!). It is hard. It is a HUGE struggle. In the name of honesty here, I still have weeks at a time where I do nothing to further my business goals, then days of relentless, inspired work. I have come to realise that I just need to move my backside. Sometimes I can do it, sometimes I can't do it at all, but I am trying not to give myself a hard time when I can't and just remember that I have started and that is everything to me.

6 :: Feeling exhausted
I get up at 5am most days, drive an hour to work, work all day, drive an hour home, go to the gym, cook dinner, go to bed and repeat this process over and over. When the weekend comes around I feel dead to the world. As I said above, sometimes I have lots of lazy days and sometimes I am working away for hours, but it is a slow process when you have other commitments and it is bloody tiring. I try and keep in my mind the reason I am doing it and what I want at the end of it, because nothing is changing unless I make the change. I have to feel more tired to be less tired (hopefully that makes sense!) and if I want a better lifestyle, where I am the boss, then this process must continue. I think it is all about setting things up to make it more fun along the way too and, let's face it, if you are totally committed and passionate about whatever it is you want to do then hopefully the fun part will always be there.

There you have it, my list of reasons why it took me so darn long to get off my butt and move forward. Have yours been the same to? It would be great to share thoughts in the comments.

15 January 2016


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^^I love this little bear^^

Oh, hello there Friday, it's you again.

As fast as this week has flown by, it has been one of 'all the news' hasn't it? Two great, creative minds being taken away (RIP to my favourite Harry Potter character of all time) and the world seems to be fighting against itself constantly, which is so sad. In contrast to that I have been glued to 'Stargazing Live' on BBC Two which, as a massive space geek, is the best thing ever to me!

I have really enjoyed chatting to you guys in the comments of my posts this week, so please keep saying 'hello', or join in on Snapchat (my username is 'lucycarterart'). You guys really are brilliant.

Shall we move on to this weeks 'grateful list'? Okay, lets...

1. I have definitely mentioned this book on here before but it has to take top spot this week because it is really kicking my butt, creatively speaking of course! 'Big Magic' by Elizabeth Gilbert is fast becoming my religion. Not only is it super easy to read, with short, punchy chapters, but it is kick-ass! I said to someone the other day that I felt like it had been written for me, because everything I am experiencing right now, through the planning and creation of my new business, is coming up in this book. It is also very apparent that I am not alone in all these feelings (well, obviously, a whole book has been written about it!). I would recommend you get 'Big Magic' if you are on any creative endevour: writing, art, music, blogging, acting, a creative business...whatever it is. It is a wonderful read.

2. Watching Gizmo act like a weirdo because she could smell the toothpaste I was using. I really had no idea cats go bonkers for the smell of mint. You learn something new everyday. She actually chased me into the bathroom and laid down over my feet making the strangest 'meow' sound ever! (Please let me hear some of your funny cat/dog tales in the comments!). PS: she then slept for almost 12 hours, but I'm not sure if that was mint related!

3. Mini-eggs straight out the fridge! Need I say anything else? Yum.

4. A neck massage from my mum. On Wednesday night, after a day of neck pain and headaches, my mum supplied me with a hot water bottle and a microwavable heat pillow, for the various aching places on my body, and massaged my neck and head (thanks mum!). As a side note: if you have used dry shampoo on your hair in the morning, then get a head massage, it is highly likely you may look like a mop in a storm.

5. Daffodils are back in the shops. You may know by now that they are my favourite flowers - I love all spring flowers really but these are top of the list! I am slightly concerned that they are already pushing through the ground in lots of places but it is still wonderful to see them pop their heads out.

In other news:
I found my iPod! If you read last weeks post, you will know I was hunting high and low for the bloomin' thing. Where did I find it? In a place I had looked in about five times. I was actually looking for something else when I found it, so very typical. What does that teach us? Stop seeking and you will find! / The hubby is finally happy because it's turned cold outside. Evidently, it is 'not winter until it is cold'. / Two kids at work have joked that I am 50 years old this week...what?! / I really, really want to make a homemade pizza :-)

13 January 2016


I made the decision, late 2015, that I would try and buy less clothing, not that I bought much in the first place, but I wanted to make sure that what I did buy was more of an investment and of better quality (other than some everyday things, such as vests or thin layers I wear underneath things). I also want to start thinking a bit more about my skin-care routine, more specifically at night, where I can sometimes neglect my face through tiredness. This all led me to putting a little 'lust list' together and I thought it would be fun to share it with you... 
 photo fromlucywithlovecurrentlylustinglist_zpsujpi4ch3.png

Honestly guys, I have been searching high and low for a pair of brown chelsea boots with the 'right' kind of heel height, for what seems like about six months. I wanted to buy some that were easily transferable from work to weekend, and not just sitting in my cupboard for times where we were going somewhere for dinner. I saw these on Whitestuff's website and fell in love with them instantly - they are everything I have been looking for *insert heart-eyed emoji here*.
2. :: Boden Colour-Block Tunic in navy and white
Last spring I bought a Boden striped tunic-dress in pretty much the same style as this colour-block one. I wear it to death: I wore it all spring and summer with leggings and sandals and am wearing it through winter with thick tights and boots. I thought this navy and cream one would be perfect for everyday, whether at work or out to dinner (and it would look great with tights and those chelsea boots!).
3 :: Boden Gwyneth Blouse in navy
This top has my name written all over it. I would get amazing use out of it for work as well as with jeans at home. I love the classic shape of some of Boden's pieces, hence I usually feature a lot of their things! They all wash amazingly well too (blimey - I should be working for them shouldn't I?).
4. :: Boden Long Line Long Sleeve Breton Top in firecracker and ivory
(Sorry, another one from them). You can't beat a stripey top and I adore the flash of bright orange/red in this one. I also think the fact that it is long length is handy. I am quite long in the body, even though I have short legs (grrr!) and really like a slightly longer top for that reason.

Skincare & Make-up
As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, I can sometimes neglect my night time skincare routine. I always double cleanse and I always put on my beloved Efficlar Duo and my night repair serum, but I nearly always forget/don't bother with moisturiser, unless I have a good one. I notice my skin looks so much better when I do remember as it kind of looks thirsty without one. I haven't tried this one, by Una Brennan, but have heard good things, plus I really like this brand and have enjoyed most things I have used before.
6 :: Super Facialist by Una Brennan Salicylic Acid Anti-Blemish Clay Mask
Apart from one very empty looking moisture mask in my bathroom, I am totally out of face masks. Gasp! I have used this one before and need to repurchase it, because it works (for me anyway). I first bought this when Joe and I were away in Cornwall and I was having a really bad skin week. I grabbed this from a local Boots store and within a couple of uses my skin was so much brighter and clearer, and it lasted ages. I need this in my life again.
7 :: Kiehls Midnight Recovery Complex
Almost a year ago I got the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum for a wedding present, from my friend L, who knows the sort of wedding pressies I will love! I am nearly out of it now and have been wanting to try the Kiehls one for a while. Lots of bloggers talk about it being wonderful so, naturally, I want to give it a bash! As a rule, face serums are the only skincare product I will invest in but, again, that's just my rule! I also fancy trying their avocado eye treatment, which I also hear is very good... this is getting pricey now.
8 :: Mac Coral Bliss Lipstick
Who doesn't lust after Mac lippy? Until I got my first couple, I just didn't 'get it'. But now I can't get enough. I have had this shade on my 'must have' list for a while as it is a great all rounder. I swatched it fairly recently and thought it was definitely one for me...FYI my list of 'must have' Mac lipsticks is growing fast!
9 :: Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in 'Lovely Pink'
I have just used the last of this exact blush and desperately need to get it again. It is really wonderful. It is a light shade of pink that illuminates your skin (as it has a slight built-in golden highlight) and I love it!
10 :: Boots No7 Skin Illuminator Beauty Radiance Fluid
This sort of thing isn't usually my bag, but... I got a sample of it in a set before Christmas and have been using it ever since. They do a more pink version too but I love this golden toned one as it kind of goes with other products I wear (plus I have something similar in a pinky tone). It does have a slight sparkle to it, but I enjoy layering it under my matte foundations, so you have a little bit of a glow, but nothing too over the top. It is also great as a highlighter. Sometimes I dab it on my cheekbones to add something extra! My sample it almost out so I have been eyeing this up :-)

What is currently on your 'lust list'? I'd love to know!

8 January 2016


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Yay -we have started the New Year and made it through the first week! How has yours been? I have to say, hand on heart, that this NY has been one of the best starts to a NY ever, for me anyway. Not because something absolutely outstanding has happened, but just because, for once in my life, I didn't wait until January to start getting my sh** together. It felt good to have exercised my little socks off all through December and to have been already in the mindset that I usually try to get in every time the month of January comes around. I feel inspired and good to go for 2016 and that feel so good! 

I must engage in a little shameless promotion before we dig into this post, because it is not every day you get to write a post for one of your favourite blogger-type-people, so I am bloomin' determined to mention it again! Last Friday Michelle, from lifestyle blog 'Life Outside London', featured a guest post I had written called 'The Reality of Following Your Dreams' - I was giddy with excitement to be on her blog as I actually love that woman! So, please head over there and have a little read when you are done here - I am sure most of you have heard of her by now as I do have a tendency to mention her a bit. If you like the post I wrote over there then you should definitely check out this one too, which is the first part of a blog series I have started called 'Jumping In'.

There, that's done! Let's get onto this weeks 'Five Things...'.

1. Holiday plans have to be top of the list for things I am grateful for this week. My lovely husband decided that we had to get organised and book a week in our favourite place, Cornwall. We usually go a couple of times every year but have just not been able to do it recently. We are heading there right before my birthday in February, which is the best thing I could wish for, I adore that place. Nothing beats hearing the sea when you are laying in bed and coming in from a long walk and enjoying a steaming cup of tea whilst taking in the amazing Cornish view from the window. Bring on February!

2. I have been searching all over for a calendar that I actually like for my office and I finally found one on Etsy this week! I have pictured the month of January above, but each month is different and I think it is super cute! I got it from the shop called Printable Pineapple and I believe it is just called the printable 2016 calendar - definitely go and check it out, I love it!

3. Having conversations via Snapchat. If you have been following me on Snapchat, or just seen me talking about it on here or on Instagram, then you will know that I still have my 'L' plates on when it comes to using it correctly. But, when I am not accidentally deleting things people send to me I have actually had some lovely chats with some lovely people. I really enjoy getting to know you guys and when we have a little catch up over on any social media it really makes my day. If you want to follow along with me on Snapchat, please search for my username on the app, which is 'lucycarterart'.

4. Harry Potter weeknights! Joe and I have started watching the HP's from the start recently and watched number three, The Prisoner of Azkaban, last night. They are a perfect way to start the year and help to keep it magical!

5. Wonderful and very encouraging comments to my previous blog post. I can't tell you how anxious I was to hit 'publish' on that post, but I heard a very successful blogger say that if you feel nervous you should hit publish - so I did! You guys are the reason I don't stop blogging; you are incredibly kind and so supportive and I cannot tell you enough what a difference it makes. Making friends online has been so great and I love chatting to you all. Thank you for always being so motivational and lovely! (xoxo)

In other news:
I forgot I placed an order (ages ago) for the Essie polish everyone has been harping on about for months, Maximillian Strasse-Her, and it arrived yesterday! To be fair, I am not short of nail polishes after having my amazing Ciate advent calender through December and getting some extra polishes from my mum for Christmas, but I ordered this ages ago so I cannot be blamed! / I lost my iPod. This weekend will be about me searching for it. You know when you have seen something lying around, go to get it and it's gone... yep, annoying isn't it! / I have been ooo-ing and ahh-ing over Rosie's gorgeous new puppy / If you are a fan of podcasts, hop on over to my Facebook Page. I put a short post on there this week linking my top four favourites at the moment!

Have a fantastic weekend lovely people. Come and say hi over on Snapchat (lucycarterart) or on Instagram - honestly, I'd love it! 

3 January 2016


 photo fromlucywithloveStartSmall_zps8ajxdz6a.png

I made a promise to you guys this year that I would tell you what my new business is by Christmas, (regardless of where I am in the process), I realise I am a little late on delivering my promise, but I am delivering it - forgive my lateness, pretty please.

I have decided to put together a series of blog posts to cover all the things I wanted to tell you and share with you about what I am doing and the process I am going through to achieve what I have wanted to achieve for way too long. As you may have already guessed from the title of this post, the series is called 'Jumping In'...although, it mostly feels like I am falling in right now, but I am told this is normal!

*As a brief side-note, I wrote a guest post for the awesome blog 'Life Outside London', that went up this week, talking about following your dreams, so please do go and see that post too (and add Michelle's blog to your faves because, well, she is a wonderful human).

Before I go ahead and introduce my new little venture to you I want to give you a bit of background to it and tell you about why I chose to move in that direction...

Firstly I need to say this: I love my job, my current, full time position. It is fun and I work with some amazing individuals and some really funny kids. But... I have always had this longing to do something for myself, something just for me. Ultimately, whether this ends up as a full time business or a side hustle is, as yet, unknown, but I reached the point where I had to move my butt. I had to do it. I had to give it a shot. Mostly because I was driving myself absolutely insane just dreaming and not doing!

I wanted, no had, to be doing something creative, and longed to work with people at the most celebrated times of their lives, and thinking of all this led me to what I will be launching this year. 

Have you guessed it yet?

In 2016, I will be launching my wedding stationary company, 'Leaf Lane Studio'. I will tell you much more about it in future posts, but just wanted to introduce it to you now as I had promised I would! As well as wedding stationary I will, eventually, be putting together a 'Shop' section on my website where I will be selling artwork and other bits and pieces I have designed, but my main focus will be on the wedding stationary as the core business.

This series of 'Jumping In' posts are going to cover a few things that I have found helpful, and will hopefully make sense to you, not just for business, but just generally speaking. I am no way an expert and can only talk from my experience on this journey (so far) but I thought it would be nice to share  and document what has been happening and perhaps start a bit of a dialogue too.

Starting to put the wheels in motion for 'Leaf Lane Studio' has been the hardest thing I have done and continues to be ridiculously challenging, but I have no regrets and am getting braver as time goes on. I'd love it if you would join me on the journey as we start a New Year - your support is always so fantastic and very much appreciated.

Let's do 2016 lovely people!
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