28 December 2015


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Making | an effort to exercise through Christmas so I don't feel totally gross the whole time.
Cooking | cupcakes and Christmas treats. 
Drinking | more tea than in warmer months (and a teeny bit of vodka with my lemon sorbet on Christmas Day).
Reading | 'Big Magic' by Elizabeth Gilbert; one of my pressies from Joe :-)
Wanting | a new handbag. I have my eye on this one from Zara.
Looking | more tired than before my time off, due to my sudden and severe inability to sleep.
Playing | Articulate and Cranium - oh, the stories I could tell! (E.g. my dad acting out a film he thought was called 'The Silent Lion', even though it was 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' - for heavens sake!).
Deciding | when we should go and see the new Star Wars film.
Wishing | I could have January off work too.
Enjoying | yummy food I never let myself have any other time of year. Chocolate biscuits are wonderful inventions aren't they?!
Watching | lots and lots of Tudors episodes since Netflix brought it back.
Waiting | to book a February holiday.
Liking | the fun I have had doing 'Snapmas' this December. I may keep snap-chatting anyway as I do love it! (My username is 'lucycarterart' if you want to add me).
Wondering | what 2016 will bring.
Loving | my new computer speakers from the hubby - I mean, I even have a sub-woofer, whatever the devil that is! ;-)
Hoping | I can launch my new business this coming year.
Marvelling | over some amazing people in my life. I am very lucky.
Needing | nothing right now but sleep... and a month at a spa perhaps!
Smelling | wood-smoke outside. Such a wonderful, nostalgic smell.
Wearing | onesies and pajamas's... a lot!
Following | too many vlogmas videos to keep up. Been loving YouTube this month.
Noticing | that it is warmer outside than in. The planet is confused again.
Knowing | I am not the same person now as I was this time last year (in a good way).
Thinking | that, this December has been the first one in years that I have felt more 'me' and less down. I have medication to thank for that but, either way, it is a very good feeling.
Feeling | like a more well-rounded person going into the New Year.
Opening | surprise packages from a lovely friend. Thank you Helena for our gifts xxx
Giggling | a whole lot more this month.

I hope you have all had a wonderful month and I am really looking forward to sharing the New Year with you. Thank you for all of your kind words and support this year xxx

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  1. I've loved following along with your snapchat this month!


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