11 December 2015


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^^A mint green tea selfie...just because of the Christmas cup really! / Anniversary flowers <3 / Little Bear being all cute as usual / Mum and Dads tree, complete with presents already!^^

This week has flown by in the normal fashion but with a bit more sparkle thrown in as it is nearly Christmas! Somehow I have completed almost 11 full days of 'Snapmas' - a miracle in itself! To say I am enjoying it is an understatement because I am loving it! I am doing this little challenge all the way through to the New Year so, if you are on Snapchat, or fancy the task of learning how to use it (I have heard that children can be useful teachers when it comes to this app!) then just search for my username: lucycarterart. It would be fab to see you over there and to follow you too of course!

Back to what else has been happening this week...

Work is becoming more and more festive every day. The kids are ready to break up for their holiday and so are all of us. It has to be said that working in a school is equal amounts amazing and tiring but there is never a dull moment! This week I also had to suffer rather a horrible procedure which has left me feeling worse for wear but I am on the mend. Enough rambling, let's get on to the stuff that made me super-grateful and happy this week...

1. TLC from a very lovely husband. He really is my best buddy and takes such good care of me. When I came home (post horrendous procedure) on Wednesday evening, he was ready with a cup of tea and a hot water bottle. He made dinner and put a Friends DVD on and just sat with me (and Gizmo too) all evening. Love him. I should also add that I am grateful for my mum who chauffeured me to and from said appointment, and I am grateful she was there because driving after flaking out is never a good idea! Thanks mum! (xxx)

2. An anniversary burger and fries! I can't write my Friday post without mentioning food can I? We are creatures of habit and ventured to Bills in town and gobbled down a yummy burger each. We would've done dessert too but we had already treated ourselves to After Eights (very retro huh!?!) and they were readying themselves in our fridge at home, waiting to be enjoyed with a cup of tea. Wow, it's only typing this up that I realise that I sound like a proper old dear! Does anyone else do After Eights and tea? They have to be cold first though - this is a must for all chocolate in-fact :-)

3. Boden discounts. Despite promising myself that I wouldn't spend anything on myself this month I have gotten beyond desperate for a new pair of skinny jeans. I had two pairs which I kind of liked (they were cheap and cheerful and went out of shape after a few hours wear each time) but they thinned out in areas I won't mention on here! On Thursday I was innocently minding my own business when an email arrived offering my some money off on some decent jeans, so I ventured onto the site and went for it! I always prefer to invest in higher quality jeans if I can, and the discount made it more acceptable! Thanks Boden (if they fit of course...that is the next battle!).

4. Funny cat moments. Joe and I laughed for hours after I accidentally caught Gizmo with 'laser eyes' on Sunday night. I uploaded it to my YouTube channel just because it made us laugh so much. Check it out!

5. You know sometimes you stumble across a blog post and you just think 'Yes! Thank you for that, it's just what I needed!'. Well, that is what happened to me when I read Sarah's post '101 Ways to Find Inspiration, Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals' (from the blog XO Sarah). It was part of a wider blog post she had compiled called '21 Ways to Help Your Small Biz Blast Off in the New Year' which is a post made up of 21 of her own posts that have been popular or the most useful. I found quite a few of them really inspiring. Definitely check it out if your interested or looking for some motivation for your blog or business!

How has this week been for you guys? Come and say hi in the comments or over on Instagram or Snapchat!

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