4 December 2015


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^^Our pretty little tree, actually it's kind of gigantic! / The London design on the Ciate calendar is so gorgeous, I love it / Our 'Bear' / Yesterday's lunch (to even out the chocolate's eaten obviously!)^^

Happy December everyone! Honestly, I love December, with all its fairy lights and magic in the air. I swear I still get butterflies in my stomach throughout the whole month because it just feels so special. For me, the build up to Christmas is all about reflection, sometimes it can be a little emotional because, and I feel we all experience this, old memories will naturally pop into our thoughts at this time of year but I don't think it is a bad thing to have a bit of distance and realise why you are where you are now and to think about all the exciting times ahead.

This week we put up our Christmas tree, so our lounge is now fully festive and cosy. I love nothing more than being cuddled up on the sofa surrounded by twinkly lights and sparkle, it makes working in there seem one hundred times easier too :-)

All in all this week has been a really lovely one; here's why...

1. Support from all you guys! This week I made the decision to give myself a little challenge to do 'Snapmas' - not sure if it is actually a 'thing' but as I just don't have the time to edit and post daily 'Vlogmas' videos onto YouTube I figured 'Snapmas' would be a fun alternative. You guys have been super supportive and even learnt how to use the ridiculously difficult app to get on board and watch the madness! Thank you all for that, I really appreciate it! If you are yet to follow along, you can find me by searching for 'lucycarterart' on the app! :-)

2. On Saturday evening Joe surprised me with the Ciate nail polish advent calendar! It came from Selfridges and I have lusted after one for ages but it just isn't the sort of thing you ever get around to buying for yourself is it?! I love it so much and am enjoying my daily door opening to see which gorgeous colour I have in there. We also have traditional chocolate calendars that my mum always gets us in about November! <3

3. An invitation to guest post. You guys may already know about 'Life Outside London' because I have certainly mentioned it before, in-fact it is top of the list on my 'Blogs I Love' tab! Michelle, who is one of the most awesome bloggers ever, I just love her writing style and sense of humour, emailed me this week to ask if I would like to guest post next week and I said 'hell yeah!'. So, towards the end of next week there should be a post up on her blog from little old me. Thanks Michelle, you lovely human you!

4. Inspiring words...You know that moment when you hear words that just resonate with you and kind of kick you up the butt? That has happened a couple of times in the last seven days, one of which I will be doing a whole separate post on so won't go into details on that but I will say that it was an awesomely creative event that I went to, with my fab friend Helena - more to come on that very soon. The other thing was a podcast that I listened to this week. I have mentioned it before, more than once I think. I subscribe to the 'Being Boss' podcast, by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, because it kicks my arse weekly with business tips and inspiration. Sometimes the topics are very business specific but other times it doesn't matter who you are you could get something from it. This weeks podcast is featuring Kathleen's business/life coach, a guy called Jay Pryor, and it is all about the subject of integrity. It really is a good one. They talk about a whole variety of things and Jay shares a very personal experience that really gives an interesting insight into the differences experienced by men and women in every day life. He also discusses the law of attraction and how clearing space in your life for other things can attract what you want - it is an interesting one for anyone looking to push ahead with a business, blog or general life goal I think. I highly recommend you subscribing to the podcast though...these girls seriously rock! Rant over!

5. Lastly, one word... 'Heroes' (Cadbury's not Super...). My mum thrust a tin of the chocolaty delights at me this week. She bought them for us in November (along with the advent calendars I think!) but I have been keeping them at her house so we were not tempted into cracking them open immediately to 'check' they were ok, you know how you have to 'test' chocolate?! Well, we have them now and, yes mum, we have opened them! Can I also add right here that I have upped my exercise for December? I was up at 6.30am this morning to do 40 minutes of cardio for heavens sake, now give me a chocolate!

In other news: 
I have been slightly overwhelmed by how many Vlogmas videos have popped up in my YouTube feed this week! But I have got a few favourites including: The Michalaks, Jessica Beautician and  I Covet Thee - but there are so, so many others to choose from! / Yesterday I read on our local radio stations website that Salisbury is getting a Tiger store... I have never been in one but I am super excited as I am always seeing things in magazines or on-line that I think are super sweet so looking forward to that opening soon / Tomorrow is Joe and my anniversary (when we first met) so we are heading out to dinner to our usual haunt for delicious burgers and yummy starters to share! Sooo looking forward to that!

I hope you have a fab weekend everyone. Don't forget to hop on over to my Snapmas, it'd be great to see you there!


  1. That's a hefty little list of loveliness.
    I think i spied the calendar on Instagram (did I?) and coveted it massively then.
    Have a brilliant weekend
    M x

    1. It is a bit of a hefty number this week...apologies to the eye-balls! You did spy the calendar on Instagram yes! I'm loving it :-) Have a fabulous weekend lovely lady xx


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