1 December 2015


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I am going to start this post by saying this: as a YouTuber I would love to do Vlogmas, but I have many, many reasons for not doing it. One is because of the time it takes to film, edit and upload a daily vlog and one of the others is because my life is just not that interesting! That said there are some moments that I think would be nice to share with you guys and so, because of that thought, I have come up with a slightly mental plan, which is this: 'Snapmas'! In other words, I am going to stop just watching other peoples Snapchat videos and pictures and actually do my own (*gasp!*) for the entire month of December. Well, that is the current plan anyway.

As someone who has merely been a Snapchat observer, never a Snapchat uploader,  I am planning on experimenting this evening, using day one of Snapmas to actually check I know how to work this new funky medium, but I thought it may be a nice thing to do and may even be fun! I may not commit to a huge amount every single day of the month, but there will be something... hopefully! If you like cats, random chatty nuggets of waffle and the occasional festive thing then why not add me and brace yourself!

You should be able to add me by searching for 'lucycarterart' on the app (which is free by the way), and I also have to say this: if you haven't got the app yet, decide to join in this madness and are over 30, please let me know how you found your first 10 minutes looking at it because I had to watch a YouTube 'How To' video! It was all such mayhem to me that I almost deleted it immediately but once I found some other people to watch I got kind of hooked! 

If you are a blogger/YouTuber why not join in with Snapmas?! Let me know your user name in the comments below and we can be buddies :-)


  1. Ah that's a great idea! I'll add you on snapchat, but I'm more of a snapchat observer than a poster. Im attempting blogmas this year on my blog.

    Hollie | hollieshighlights.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I have just been catching up with your blog (the cupcakes look soooo yummy!). Thanks for adding me on Snapchat - I was also just an observer but thought I would dip my toe in the water as I really wanted to do Vlogmas but just don't have the time to film and edit...I'd never go to bed if I attempted that for 30 days! Hope you have had a fab week lovely lady, have a great weekend xx

  2. I actually had to get my 12 year step-daughter to explain it to me! Which she thought was the best thing ever. I still don't totally get it x

    1. Gemma, that is amazing! At least you had help at hand...I had to google for help and watch 'how to' videos on YouTube! (I still don't get it either!!) :-)


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