26 November 2015


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*Insert box-standard 'I cannot believe it is the end of another month' jibber-jabber here* (seriously though, it's almost Christmas!).

November has been a month of a variety of emotions for me. Personally speaking, I have been extremely up and down but I am trying to keep focused on the things I want to do and look forward to the festive season and the New Year ahead and all that it will bring. This time of year is my absolute favourite, it feels incredibly nostalgic and magical to me and I just love it as wintry smells fill the air. Here are the things that have made my November particularly special...

Making | my very first printed watercolour reproduction in the shape of a Christmas card. I was really nervous to approach a printer to get it done and I am hoping it will come out ok, but it one small step towards bigger goals for 2016.
Cooking | late. Now Joe and I are gym-ing it in the week we are finding ourselves cooking a little later than normal and not being too enthusiastic about it also!
Drinking | a highly recommended pre-workout drink. I was told that it would make me feel 'like a hulk' but it literally didn't make me feel any different. Not too sure what that says about my body. Immune to super powers clearly.
Reading | 'How to Style Your Brand' by Fiona Humberstone - it's awesome!
Wanting | to book a holiday to Cornwall for 2016 pronto. How did we used to get to go twice a year?
Looking | at a sweaty reflection in the gym (but it is good to be back!).
Playing | lots on Spotify, including a Christmas playlist and a little playlist I put together for fun, un-creatively titled 'Autumn 2015' - it's full of cheesy oldies and one or two new-ish tunes, check it out if you dare :-)
Deciding | which Christmas 'do' to go to this year. Last year I went to every one I was invited to and ended up skint as a flint, but this year I am old, grumpy and worn out so am picking one and one alone!
Wishing | burgers were calorie and fat free.
Enjoying | my new computer!
Watching | new Peep Show. Joe loves it, I'm still not quite sure but am giving it a good old British try for the sake of our marriage ;-)
Waiting | for advent calendar day. Yum!
Liking | all the Christmas jumpers I am seeing in the shops, especially this one from Dorothy Perkins.
Wondering how on Earth Snapchat works.
Loving | my hubby more and more. He is just the best human :-)
Hoping | for a little bit of snow soon!
Marvelling | over how the world can really pull together sometimes. Can't we just do it all the time?
Needing | speakers for the new computer. Although, the headphones I am currently wearing whilst typing this post are pretty darn groovy!
Smelling | mulled wine and roast chestnuts at Winchester Christmas Market.
Wearing | more layers.
Following | more fabulous creative people on Instagram. Instagram's my favourite social media ever <3
Noticing | that my mum is saving up enough Christmas food to feed an army this year. Better exercise three times a day in the lead up to going over there this year!
Knowing | I need more winter gym wear. I seriously shiver when I leave the place in the cold. 
Thinking | about it only being a few months until I turn 35 years old...say what?!
Feeling | warm and snuggly in the evenings again now that I have rescued my onesie out of the wardrobe.
Opening | fabulous art-related parcels, filled with gorgeous watercolours that dreams are made of.
Giggling | at getting ID'd for buying Joe some beer, and loving it (a bit too much possibly).

I love reading other peoples 'Taking Stock' posts, so if you have one on your blog please let me know in the comments! :-)


  1. Yay for the first thing on your list! :) I'm totally hoping for snow as well - we had a little covering last week and it made me feel so festive! x

    1. Thanks Gemma! You already had snow? You lucky thing! I hope you are ok lovely. Much have another email catch up soon :-) xx


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