20 November 2015


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^^I was so cold on Monday night that I borrowed my mums onesie...she has such a festive one too! / I am kind of obsessed with my new office plant / work in progress in the studio / our little bear all curled up is the best thing ever^^

I bring this post to you fresh from my NEW COMPUTER!! The day has finally come and I am back up and running, after months without something of my own. I feel it necessary to do a mini Oscar-style thank you speech here because without a very generous contribution from my mum and dad and my lovely hubby I would not be in this position. It is an early Christmas present from them and I couldn't be more grateful for it {big old internet hugs to you all for getting me back on-line again}

Obviously the computer is the thing I am MOST grateful for this week but it deserved a paragraph at the top rather than a place in my usual list so I hope you don't mind. Let's get on to the other stuff that has made this week so great...

1. A delivery from Cass Art. If you know of Cass Art, you will know how wonderfully exciting it is to get a parcel from them. I didn't even realise, until last week, that they did on-line orders these days. For me, Cass Art represents a trip to London, as I would always pop in the little Aladdin's cave of artistic wonders after a trip to The National Gallery. Their stuff is usually much, much cheaper than anywhere else so it was a no-brainer for me to go to them when I needed to buy some new watercolours. I came home from work on Wednesday to a box of goodies including the best watercolours I have ever had, sketchbooks, brushes and some metallic ink, which I have been lusting over for a while, and could not be happier with my purchases. Happy arty days ahead.

2. Seeing the most amazing sun-rise on my early morning drive to work. There is something about a wintry sunrise that really is phenomenal.

3. Another surprise from the Nutella fairy! You may remember, several weeks ago, that a certain fantastic colleague of mine left a 1kg tub of Nutella on my desk to make me smile after a particularly bad week at work. I happened to mention to her last week that I had managed to almost finish it and, despite the fact that I was not hinting to be stocked up again, stocked up again I was! On Monday I unlocked my office door to discover an entire family of Nutella jars, from big to small. I don't think I will be getting through that lot any time soon!

4. Joe's Christmas CD. I know, I know, it is still November! We drove to the gym last night listening to all the best Christmas tunes and it made me feel all festive an happy.

5. The constant entertainment from the students at school. If you have ever worked in a school you will know that it can be equally frustrating and hysterical. But what you can guarantee, on most days, is that you will hear something that makes you laugh so much you feel like your going to pass out. This week I have managed to get the nickname 'thunder thighs' (in the nicest way!) from a Year 11 girl, after she witnessed me breaking a key that was attached to a filing cabinet...with my leg. I was also grilled by a Year 8 student about everything 'I'm a Celebrity...' and 'X-Factor' related, which I failed miserably, gaining me the title of 'old and uncool', as we watch neither of those programmes. In contrast, I was told I was 'awesome' for knowing who Bruno Mars is. They are a funny old bunch but they are okay really...most of the time!

I hope you have all had a fun week. Enjoy your weekend and come and say hi over on Instagram if you fancy!



  1. Sounds like you've had a great week Lucy. I don't work in a school, but I do work with kids and most of the time they are hilarious with the stuff they come out with! It makes up for the times they can be annoying!
    I'm loving the Nutella story, I think Im going to need a Nutella Fairy in my life.

    Hollie :)

    1. Everyone needs a nutella fairy in their life :-) I am very lucky to have mine, she rocks! (although she also sprayed me with 6 tins of silly string once...). Working with kids is great fun - not sure the teachers would totally agree though- I certainly get the least stressful end of the bargain :-) xx


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