6 November 2015


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^^Image sourced from Pinterest - Happy Bonfire Night everyone!^^

Happy first Friday in November everyone! November is one of my favourite months; the smell of bonfires in the air, beautiful coloured leaves creating a carpet of colour (before they turn all slimy and become one big slip hazard of course!) and the excitement of Christmas starts to filter through, which I know can drive a lot of people crazy, but I love it!

Last week Joe and I had a week off together (you can find a little vlog here or linked in the sidebar and a blog post here if you haven't seen it yet) - in the interest of honesty I have to say that my health was at a bit of a low, so it was a tough one for me but I am just starting to feel a bit brighter in myself and, hopefully, it will remain that way for a bit longer.

Because I haven't done this post for a couple of weeks I figured I would wrap my 'Five Things...' into one to cover those two weeks because, let's face it, more things happen when you are off work then when you are at work! So, here are some of the bits and bobs I have been grateful for of late...

1. Rediscovering my Friends box-set. Perhaps 'rediscovering' isn't exactly the correct word as Friends is a classic and, I must admit, 80% of my vocabulary probably stems from my years of watching the show (that and Fawlty Towers of course!). Seeing as Netflix has taking off the majority of things I enjoyed dipping into I figured I would go all old fashioned and put on a DVD! Friends is, hands down, the show that cheers me up the fastest (maybe The Inbetweeners is close too). I never fail to laugh at Ross yelling 'PIVOT!' or the fact that Monica and I are practically the same human (Joe may roll his eyes and smile when he sees a similarity, which is often!).

2. Lifting weights. I've had almost one whole year out of gym training and have been doing everything at home, which has been fine, but when Joe said he wanted to go to a gym I thought I would seize the opportunity to go with him so that we can at least be in the same room. I stopped before due to injury but a big part of it was because I would come home from work and then go straight out for another couple of hours. It is so good to be lifting heavier weights again. Lifting and challenging my body that way is something that makes me feel so good inside. I am spookily strong for a girl (genetics I guess), but that aside, whatever you can lift is a good way to increase confidence and give your body a buzz. It's good to be back!

3. A new, inspirational book. I cannot remember for love nor money how I discovered Fiona Humberstone's Instagram account, it was probably one of those things where she was tagged into another picture and I clicked on it, but I am so glad I found her. Fiona is a specialist in brand styling and many creative bits and pieces and, when I stumbled upon her account, I saw that she had a book out called 'How to Style Your Brand' and I immediately purchased it. With my slow, but gradually progressing, small business idea I need more guidance about branding and design but I need it from a source that I can relate to: a.k.a something pleasing on the eyeballs - this book is mega pleasing on the eyeballs! If you are a blogger or a creative entrepreneur I would highly recommend it.

4. A muffin (chocolate), a coffee (my first coffee ever) and a chat with friends.

5. Receiving a lovely card from my even lovelier friend Helena. It is so nice to get a surprise letter or card through the post but hers couldn't have arrived at a better time for me and was filled with kind words to make me smile too. Thank you lovely lady - see you soon :-)

In other news:
After months of not being able to access my iTunes account, due to a lack of computer, Joe kindly put mine onto his laptop so I can finally change a gym playlist I have been training with forever! It is so good to rediscover old albums I had stored on there and to download new stuff that isn't restricted to my phone, happy days! / Speaking of computers...I am finally getting one. My fab parents are clubbing together to help me out and I could not be more grateful - when I get it you will know because there will be more action here and more YouTube videos again, hurrah!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and enjoy the firework celebrations (if you celebrate November 5th of course!) - we will be in doors looking after the cat, although, to be honest, she really isn't bothered - we are lucky!


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  1. Yay for discovering coffee! I'm loving November so far, it's close enough to Christmas to get excited but still far enough away to not stress about getting stuff done :)

    Hollie :) hollies highlights.blogspot.co.uk


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