16 October 2015


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^^All the reasons in the world to be grateful^^

I'm sure you guys know by now that this space of mine (*points at screen and waves hand about at blog*) is not somewhere to come if you want to see life-perfection and you (hopefully) know that I am always honest about things and won't post for the sheer hell of it? On that note I didn't post a 'Five Things...' post last week because I just felt to overwhelmed by life. I've felt similar this week, but slightly more capable, so I am here and am writing this to remind myself that there is always something to be grateful for.

1. Lazy pizza-eating afternoons. I seem to be writing a lot about treat meals on here. I am so grateful for treat meals! Last Saturday Joe and I decided to utilise a voucher we had seen for a pizza in Salisbury. I hadn't eaten pizza in forever, as once I start I can't stop, but it was so yummy and so lovely to sit in a quiet restaurant and enjoy the company of my best pal and my husband (see what I did there? Never mind!). I may have also treated myself to a couple of new jumpers from H&M including this turtle neck one (I got a lighter grey) :-)

2. My office space. The room I have for my studio space/office space is somewhere I find so calming. I am one of those people who will walk into a room and get a 'feeling' from it, which I know annoys some people as it is a bit woo-woo! Luckily, our whole house feels lovely, but my office space specifically feels so calming and relaxing. It is somewhere I will just go and sit if I feel upset or stressed and is heaven to work in. I am so grateful to have somewhere I enjoy being and cannot wait to get more time in there.

3. A delivery of a new diary. Generally I am not too fussy about notebooks and paper for blog scribbles but what I am super fussy about is what type of diary I have. This week I bought myself a new Moleskine diary. My current one is a bit bedraggled and as I managed to find one starting from this summer all the way through to next December I quickly picked it up (for the bargain price of £8.99). I got the extra large weekly planner, which I love because it has the week on one side and a notes section on the other. Why am I so hung up on Moleskine diaries? The paper is ridiculously fabulous to write on! I will use it so much more because I enjoy the experience of writing in it.

4. Rediscovering a cute little wintry bracelet Joe bought for me last year. I remembered I had put it somewhere safe and when I saw it I was so happy to have it back on my wrist! It is a cute, very fine gold chain with a teeny-tiny squirrel on it. We got it in Joules last autumn and I just love it!

5. Yesterday someone I follow on Facebook shared this little video (I couldn't find a direct link but hopefully you will be able to view it if you are on FB). It is a short video about being creative and encouraging women to believe in their ability and to keep pushing on, regardless of the outcome of what they are making or doing. It is simple, but oh so inspiring.

In other news...
I have been making an autumn playlist in Spotify full of old songs that I love (I am listening to it right now actually!) - are you on Spotify too? Let me know below so I can follow your playlists! / Following three attempts at blood-taking by a nurse I looked like I had been beaten up all of this week, the bruises are just going on my wrists...thanks a lot nurse-lady! (To be fair, getting blood from me is quite literally like taking blood from a stone!) / I listened to this Being Boss podcast on my way home yesterday all about social media and newsletters - it was definitely useful so I thought I would mention it! If you blog and are struggling to keep up with social media or can't decide which channel to concentrate on then give it a listen, those ladies are so awesome!

I hope you have all had a brill week. Enjoy your weekend xx

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  1. Have a great weekend Lucy! Yay for finding your bracelet, I love it when you can find something you haven't seen for a while.

    Hollie | hollieshighlights.blogspot.co.uk


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