11 October 2015


Having had the biggest wardrobe clear-out I think I have ever had, I have been day dreaming about what bits and bobs I could add in to turn my clothing frown upside down! Whilst I most definitely cannot afford most of the things below, a wish-list is just that, a 'wish', so let me pretend for a while...although, may I just add, that I would give my cat to have this lot, actually, that's not true...just my husband ;-) *
*Joe, if you're reading this, I am only kidding of course :-)
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::1 Skinny jeans | Boden
I had quite a few pairs of jeans but most had worn out so much that I just had to get rid. I am now on the hunt for a well-fitting pair of skinnies to wear with boots in the winter and have had my eyes on these for a long time.
::2 Boyfriend style shirt | Boden
I have a long-line white shirt which I love, but this blue one would definitely be a welcome edition. It would team up well with a few items that are currently still living in my wardrobe and is also a classic piece to wear for work too. An all round good egg really!
::3 Coatigan | Boden
It is pure coincidence that the first few items are Boden but, what can I say, I adore 80% of their new catalogue so it really cannot be helped! This 'coatigan' is something I would get so much wear out of. It is perfect for wrapping up warm with a hat and a scarf, when it isn't quite coat weather, but would look equally good over a dress or skirt. It comes in three classic colours too (is it wrong to want the lot?).
::4 Ankle boots | Hush
Having been on the lookout for some brown ankle boots for a while I was over the moon to see these. They look like they have the perfect heel height for work or for going out and the shape of the boot itself would look fab with dresses or jeans. 
::5 City bag | Zara
Every girl and her cat seems to own a Zara city bag but I have never jumped on that specific band-wagon...however (!) these days I don't travel light (mum, you know that's true) and my handbag only has the one compartment, which can be utterly frustrating. This bag would just make my life better :-)
::6 Breton top | Boden
This is a stripy top, I love stripes. That's all!
::7 Grey cowl neck jumper | Marks and Spencers
Long jumpers with skinny jeans and boots are a bit of a winter uniform for me and I love the look of this one from good old M & S. I saw it in store about a month ago and should have got it then as I don't often see ones I really like. I will be hunting this one down soon.
::8 Long-line pine-cone necklace | Hush
I don't own any longer necklaces but this one is adorable and would look so pretty with a plain t-shirt or dress. It's not often I fall in love with jewellery but this is beautiful.
::9 Nail polish | Autograph by Marks and Spencer
I thought both these shades had autumn/winter written all over them. I haven't seen anything quite like the grey/silver shade before so will certainly try and pick that up soon.
::10 Cardigan | Boden
Oops, another Boden one. This 'off-duty' cardigan looks so up my street. Oversized? Check! Bright? Check! Cover all lumps and bumps? Check!
What is on your wish-list this autumn? Mine is not overly exciting but I know what my 'style' (I use that word loosely!) is these days so I know I would wear all of these things to death. I have gone past just buying a shit-ton of stuff and have it just sitting there gathering dust. So, Mr Boden, if you could kindly do a 90% off sale I would really appreciate it! (They actually have a sale on right now peeps - head there now...just not enough money off my list unfortunately!).


  1. I didn't even know a 'coatigan' was a thing, but now I must have one! *Hot foots it over to the Boden site*

    1. Neither did I Gemma! I think it is basically just a thick cardigan, but perhaps 'Thick Cardigan' doesn't sound as elegant as 'Coatigan'!! :-)


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