30 October 2015


On Wednesday Joe and I popped out of town to visit Bath. I thought I would just share a few pictures of the day with you today. We were lucky with the weather and had a nice blue sky for the majority of the day so we managed to do all of the things we had planned without getting soaked through, always a bonus! 

On the top of our list was visiting an exhibition by one of my favourite (Cornish) artists, Kurt Jackson, who rarely shows work anywhere local to us, so we were excited to see some of his latest pieces from a collection titled 'Place'. I have adored Jackson's work for almost ten years now and seeing it in the flesh always sparks fresh inspiration for my own creativity.

Before wandering round to the Victoria Art Gallery we sat outside a coffee shop, enjoying hot drinks (a mint hot chocolate for me and a black coffee for the hubster) and watched the world go by, which is, by far, one of my favourite things to do as I hate crowds of people and would much rather be spectating then walking amongst them. In all seriousness though, I really enjoy just sitting back and watching everyone go about their day; the tourists, the frustrated locals, the tour guides and the street entertainers, all with their own agenda, it is fascinating stuff and something I could pass many hours doing (perhaps I should be a spy?!).

 photo fromlucywithloveBath3_zps5uyecpoj.png
^^'Smile!...Don't pull a face, you looked nice until you pulled a face!' Gee, thanks hubby!^^

 photo fromlucywithloveBath8_zpsemk8hc5m.png
^^We have had worse views from a coffee shop that's for sure^^

 photo fromlucywithloveBath4_zpszvwtxj1w.png
^^I couldn't stop perving over this chandelier, it was so sparkly!^^

 photo fromlucywithloveBath6_zpss9utyqa2.png
^^We made the decision not to go and visit The Roman Baths as a) it was fairly pricey and I was on the very wrong side of pay-day and b) we were more interested in the abbey just next door^^

 photo fromlucywithloveBath2_zpsofepoxdb.png
^^A rather beautiful sight don't you think?^^

 photo fromlucywithloveBath5_zps431x3dxv.png
^^Autumn sure knows how to be utterly gorgeous doesn't it? The colour of these trees contrasted with the city was stunning^^

 photo fromlucywithloveBath1_zps7szn7ja8.png
^^The Royal Crescent. We didn't venture too far round because it was beyond heaving with people, but it is something to see for sure^^

 photo fromlucywithloveBath7_zpsod6kqf3p.png
^^Bath Abbey. There is something about churches and abbey's that I cannot resist, perhaps it is the peacefulness they exude. This one is up there with the most beautiful I have visited^^

 photo fromlucywithloveBath11_zpswy2ppiqu.png
^^I hope the gentleman in this picture doesn't mind being featured (a bit late now I guess), I just love this image of him reading peacefully^^

 photo fromlucywithloveBath9_zpsqtzifu1q.png
^^My obsession with stained glass windows continues. This is one of the most impressive I have seen I am pretty sure. It is incredibly intricate and wonderful to see in real life^^

Stay tuned for a bit more on Bath, and this week generally, as I am in the process of editing a vlog, so may get that put up in the next few days :-)

Have a fab weekend everyone xx

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  1. Hi Lucy, as always a great blog post. I really enjoyed it. Watched your vlog too, great. Hang in there lovely Lucy. I'm sure you never let anyone down. Lots of love xx (IG seasidehelen) xx


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