29 September 2015


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As another month comes to a close I thought I would take the opportunity to think back over the last 30 days and remember what has been going on (considering I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday this is not an easy task). September is a month I always enjoy as it marks autumn and I seriously adore autumn. There is the poetic mix of warm sun and cool air that fills me with nostalgia and just enough heat to keep the coats in the cupboards but just enough cold to warrant a scarf. Perfect.

I hope you all have had a wonderful September. What has been the highlight for you?

Making | an epic mess in my home-office space. Watercolours everywhere, scraps of paper everywhere (but this means that there is creativity everywhere, which is goooood!). Oh, and a YouTube video...at last!
Cooking | mixed bean and vegetable soup in batches. Autumn is here!
Drinking | the usual amount of water and the occasional green tea with mint.
Reading | my own notes and scribbles. Business stuff is happening and I am trying to get all my notes together for my website, so my focus is certainly on that (and a couple of new magazines).
Wanting | a whole new winter wardrobe including these gorgeous beauties.
Looking | for super thick, warm tights.
Playing | my hubbies album.
Deciding | whether purchasing more Nutella is a good or bad idea.
Wishing | Nutella was calorie free and good for me.
Enjoying | the lovely smell in the air from the change of season (er, and Nutella obviously!).
Watching |'Doctor Foster' on BBC One. I am not usually one for dramas but I got totally swept up in this one and had to binge watch the previous episode that I missed.
Waiting | patiently for technology to sort itself out.
Liking | navy or deep red nails.
Wondering | how to do a whole load of things on Square Space!
Loving | shimmery bronze eyes and rosy pink cheeks.
Hoping | to have a day out here again soon so I can see all the autumn colours everywhere. They also have a fantastic art exhibition themed around my favourite things in nature...trees.
Marvelling | Over the beauty of our universe. Joe and I set a 3am alarm in order to see the lunar eclipse on Monday night/Tuesday morning. The stars seems super sparkly because the sky was just so clear. Simply stunning.
Needing | this gorgeous dress from Hush. I have fallen in love with it (and these perfect ankle boots too!)
Smelling | the last of my lavender pillow spray. It has been heaven and I shall be buying more soon!
Wearing | pyjama's and over-sized jumpers (far too often for my own good). 
Following | instructions from the vet to look after Gizmos poorly eye.
Noticing | it is getting darker very fast at night and is dark when I leave home in the mornings too :-(
Knowing | half term is coming up soon (it can't come along quick enough).
Thinking | I need to get back to a bit more relaxation and yoga as my body is hurting all over.
Feeling | emotional.
Opening | old boxes of clothes and realising I don't need any of them anymore.
Giggling | watching the cat hunting leaves in the garden and pulling faces when she comes close to a spiders web! She hates those!


  1. I love that Hush dress, plus Doctor Foster is so good isn't it (even though it's also really quite sad and frustrating at the same time!) Alice xx


    1. Hi Alice, thanks for your commenting (and for dropping by to have a read of my blog too!). Did you see Dr Foster last night? Bring on next week! You're right though of course, it is very sad and I just want to reach into the TV and kick his backside! Your blog is lovely hun, when I am finished work today I must remember to add it to my Bloglovin' feed (mental note to self!). Have a great day...it's almost Friday :-) Lucy xx

  2. Great post Lucy! I think I share your love for Nutella and the crisp smell in the air at this time of year. My September highlight has been making the most of the better than usual September weather and spending time with my family.

    Hollie | hollieshighlights.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Hey Hollie! (Love your blog!) My colleague actually left me a 1kg jar of Nutella on my desk this morning to cheer me up...how amazing is that?! You can't beat it though can you? Ultimate comfort..nutella on toast and tea :-) You're right, the September weather was so lovely and certainly made the transition into autumn more bearable. Thank you for stopping by my blog... hope to chat soon. Have a fab day, Lucy xx

    2. You have a very wise colleague!


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