18 September 2015


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{I was in a flowery mood this morning, so I sourced this beautiful image from Pinterest}

As we dip toward the finish line of another week I can honestly say that this week has been a pretty good one all in all. As someone who doesn't really go out that much, thanks to the constant madness of life, it was nice to venture out for a lovely meal earlier in the week (on a school night as well - literally!) - more on that later.

How has your week been? Tell me, have you guys pulled out your boxes of jumpers and warm layers yet? That is on my 'to-do' list for this Saturday because it has turned really chilly here in the UK! (I kind of love it though!). I have been folding over pages in the new Boden catalogue like a mad women, creating my dream Autumn/Winter wardrobe...seriously guys, I am in love with way too many things from their new collection. Does my budget allow for it? Certainly not. Do I want it all? Hell yes!

Let's get cracking on this weeks 'grateful' list...share some of your favourite moments of the week in the comments too!

1. Yummy food with a yummy lady. H and I may not see a lot of one another but when we do it is giggle central! When H first emailed me about a post I wrote on this very blog we discovered that we are basically life-twins and have been buddies ever since. Seeing as we live a little way from each other we meet half way when we can align our diaries! So, on Tuesday evening we ventured out to a rather cute little pub in Surrey for burgers and tea (yep, tea!) and didn't stop chatting until we were basically thrown out. It was so nice to catch up and see H's wedding photos (all ruddy gorgeous of course!) and to talk future plans, silly happenings and random celebrity cleavage's...just don't ask! Next time I think we need a strict itinerary to stick to as I came away thinking 'oh damn, I meant to mention that!'. Thanks H, I needed that so much after the month I've had xxx

2. A lucky email. Just as I thought I was in for another unlucky month (August was horrendous!) I received an email from one of my favourite places, Bills restaurant, to say that I had one the competition I entered last month. Whoop whoop! After initially thinking it was a fake email I was over the burger-eating moon to see it was actually real and I had won a free meal! Wondering what I did next? I opened their menu of course and quickly planned three courses of heaven! Thanks Bills :-)

3. Christmas leggings. If you have followed me on Instagram for a while you will have seen me parading about in these Christmas leggings from Primark about two years ago. Well, I have pulled them back out from the depths of my drawer and they have been keeping me all snuggly and warm in the evenings as it has gotten rather cold here suddenly. I swear that they are the best, most comfortable leggings ever invented and they have reindeer's and hearts on them!

4. Evaluation. This week I had my final session with my coach Gemma. The session was all about evaluating how far we've come during the time we have been working together and seeing what has made a difference and how things have developed and changed. I can see clearly the value of a coach so this process was relatively easy for me, but it was fab to go over things together and really dig into the progress I have made. I actually think I will do a full post on my experience with Gemma soon, as I honestly think it was life-changing for me.

5. Cough, cough *nutella on toast* cough, cough!

In other news: 
I managed to pull a muscle in my back whilst putting on my socks to do a workout (I mean, really?!) / Joe and I have put up a piece of paper on our fridge to write out Christmas 'wish-list's'. Mine will be mostly a list of my lusted-for Mac lipsticks and a new water-colour palette / Our poor little bear, Gizmo, has been being nursed all week for a badly scratched eye. She is so not impressed with having five lots of drops in her eye per day :-( 

Have an amazing weekend guys!

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