4 September 2015


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^^Since I have been technology-less I have been working my socks off on my artwork (with a cuppa obviously! / we have had some seriously gorgeous sunsets recently / those little feet, I love those little feet!^^

I want to start this Friday (YAY!) post by saying a huge sorry for being so sporadic recently. I am not going to go on about it but I am without computer again (the one I had is no more). Joe has kindly lent me his laptop so I will do my best but you know how it is when you don't have all your own stuff?!

So, happy September guys. I love September (apart from the giant spiders that take refuge in our house that is... they are getting bigger and bigger aren't they!). Seriously guys, I am such an autumn person. The other day I opened the door to let the cat in and got a little whiff of wood-smoke from somewhere or other and it made me all nostalgic. Bring on over-sized knits and warm socks! (When my mum reads this she will be cringing - she is always cold and much prefers the sun I think...although she is planning Christmas like a nutter, so maybe the jury is out!).

What have you all been up to recently? I feel like I am seriously out the loop! Come and chat to me in the comments, or on Instagram (my favourite place to hang out!). In the meantime, here is what has been making me smile of late:

1. Inspirational women. You probably already know that I love podcasts, they are fantastic company to and from work and help me stay motivated, inspired and thoughtful throughout my day. The other day I listened to Nicole Antoinette's 'Real Talk Radio' podcast where she interviewed Laura Jane Williams, and it was pretty darn good! I have mentioned Laura a few times on here as I adore her blog, Superlatively Rude, and recently discovered her e-book 'The Book of Brave' and it is good guys, seriously! Laura is a genuinely independent soul, she is totally fierce in every sense of the word, totally opposite to me in most ways, but I think she is the most awesome writer and I admire her honesty so much.

2. Pyjama days. Last weekend I threw on my super soft (and stripy!) pj bottoms, and an old over-sized Zara jumper, vowing that after breakfast I would get changed, and found myself so comfy that I only took them off to workout, getting straight back into them post shower! Poor Joe must've thought I was terribly lazy but I was just in need of softness in my life. Does that make any sense? I was worn out and needed comfortable clothes and a 'let's not go anywhere today' day! It was pretty amazing :-)

3. Nutella. I feel like my life should be sponsored by nutella right now. It is my only vice most weeks and I love it. After a long day at work you cannot beat a really nice cup of tea and a couple of slices of warm toast with nutella on. I should probably limit myself to this treat once per week as it has crept in to about three days per week. It's just too damn good for heavens sake.

4. A visit to the hair dressers. I haven't had time to get my hair cut for a while so it was beyond amazing to visit my lovely hair dresser last Saturday for a trim and a chat (equally as important!). I get my hair cut at an Aveda salon near town and adore it. It is so zen in there and so far removed from intimidating. You get a little shoulder massage before they wash your hair, so you are already zoned out on the oils they use before having your head massaged! I have been all organised and booked my next appointment...it's on Halloween! I can't believe how fast the weeks go.

5. Planning some much needed time off. Joe and I have vowed to take Christmas off together this year. That is pretty easy for me because it is school holidays, but he has booked some time off too, which is so great. We love heading out to markets and hitting up a bit of late night Christmas shopping so we now have that to look forward to. Plus, this week I ordered two Christmas presents in an attempt to be a little organised this year...let's see how that goes!

Thank you so much for bearing with me whilst I continue to organise my technology issues, and sorry again for the sporadic posts. I promise I am working on it.

Have an amazing weekend (don't forget to come and say hello on Instagram @fromlucywithloveblog).



  1. Oh I looove going to the hair salon when they make you feel like you're in a spa! I just moved cross-country so I have to find a new one that massages my head as nicely as my last, haha.
    xx Silje | Fauna Lou

    1. I hate changing hair dressers when you find one you like - I love mine, bless her, she's awesome! You can't beat a head massage can you?! I hope you are having a good day so far lovely xx


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