6 August 2015


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Over recent weeks, helped along by not having a functioning computer to lose many hours on, I have been asking myself a lot of big questions and assessing many areas of my life in ways that I haven't before. (Side-note: being without technology is not always a bad thing - unless you desperately need to edit a video, put up a blog post or generally get on with your life!).

As you guys may already be aware I am in the stages of setting up a small, creative business. If you have done this then you will know just how many questions this throws up. I was already an over-thinker, and could worry for the Olympics, but throwing myself into my dream has actually been equal amounts stressful and epiphany producing! (Please comment down below if you have a small business of your own, I would love to chat and hear how you found it all as this is totally new to me, maybe leave me your email or send me an email...I'll leave mine contact info at the end of this post!).

Sorry, I digressed, I'm great at that!

One of the big things that kept on surfacing for me was that somehow I wasn't good enough to do this, to venture down the path of self-employment and tip toe into the unknown. It wasn't until the other day that I realised that I had made some kind of psychological change over the last year when having the self-doubt kind of thoughts and that change was not running away, not thinking 'give up, this is too hard'. Something has re-programmed in me and I feel...different, stronger (in an anxiety led kind of way!). 

Every New Years Eve for the last few years I have said to Joe 'I really want to work for myself in some way' and chatted on non stop about this idea of what I want to do. And every year I have not moved it forward. But this new year something felt different. This was the time. My time,

A lot of my forward-motion is spurred on by someone who I have mentioned here many times, my lovely business coach, Gemma (find out more about Gemma here). She really helps me explore my issues as they come up as well as teaching me about the many aspects of putting together plans to do what I want to do that I hadn't even thought about. 

One of the biggest things to surface time and time again for me is the thought of entering a market place where there are already so many awesome, talented people already doing what I want to be doing, what I will be doing. Gemma and I have discussed this from the 'what are your USP's' point of view (Unique Selling Points) and I really struggled to have confidence to answer this when she asked me. But, what I have really learnt of late is that my USP is...well, it's me. That may sound super corny, but that is what it is! 

On that same subject I recently watched Madeline Shaw's video (below) about the five things that changed her life and one of the last things she talks about is that exact worry that she faced when deciding to go into nutrition as a career, about not being different to anyone else. She received some awesome advice from a friend, which is so simple but I love it and it is so true...check it out, it's a lovely video!

I guess what I am saying here is that, if something is your passion, if you feel it in your heart and want to give it a shot, then go for it. When I launch my business I am fully aware that I will be working full time in my 'proper' job and working my socks off keeping the business ticking over, but something about that excites me. Putting in hours and hours when it is for your own thing seems so much more fun! 

Going on this adventure has made me so much more aware of what I want in my life and it has already changed me so much. I am finally finding out who I am, not just being a watered-down version of me that I think I should be for other people to get on board with my life and for their approval. This takes (and is still taking) a lot of courage and sometimes I feel mentally and physically exhausted from it, but it is amazing and gives me a spring in my step too - nothing beats that feeling!

Anyway, before I waffle you in to a coma - check out Madelines video and let me know in the comments what things have changed your life or what you have recently discovered about yourself that you feel has had a positive impact on you. I would love to hear from you.

If you have your own, relatively new small business or have any wise words for me feel free to get in touch, you can email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com - I always love to hear from you guys.


  1. Such positivity about your new adventure - the worry is a sign that you really believe in what you're doing (and also that you're a bit of a worrier!). Passion is half of the battle I think with creative business, if you have that self belief in you and what you're trying to do, others will too.
    Sending you all the luck in the world
    M x

    1. Thank you so much lovely - honestly, I worry about everything but many people have said that worrying (to an extent!) is a good thing. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan. It'll be a several months before I am 'good to go' on this but it is coming along. Thanks for the luck :-)xx

  2. Love this post, found it really encouraging and positive! It can be so daunting to venture into something unknown, but as long as you keep pushing forward with it and remembering that you're strong enough to achieve whatever you want, then I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine. Wishing you all the best with your business, I really hope it all works out for you!!

    Nabeela x

    1. Hi Nabeela, thank you so much for your lovely comment.It is a pretty scary thing doing something totally different to the norm but also very exciting! Busy times ahead for me but I'm loving every minute. Just checking out your blog now :-) xx


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