7 August 2015


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^^As you can see from this small selection of Instagram pics from this week, my days have been art heavy and all about the flowers! I bought myself two beautiful bunches this week after having a bad few days. The bottom right sunflower is one I have been growing for a while and I am so excited to see it open up!^^

This weeks theme has remained the same as last weeks: 'technology fails'. I needn't go on as you are all aware that I am still struggling with computers. To top off my week of broken things my car fans decided enough was enough and that they were going on strike, leaving me to drive the hour long journey to and from work in a somewhat melting state. Lovely stuff. Worry ye not dear friends, I have booked Pedro in for a service and a kick, I mean an investigation, into said fan failure. Needless to say that I had a mini meltdown (quite literally) and got angry and tearful and all 'woe is me' about all the things that had taken it upon themselves to break or give up. I am hoping that we are now done with that specific chapter of fun. That is quite enough now!

What kind of week have you guys had? Let me live through you for a while...tell me what you have been up to of late.

Negative happening to one side as this post is all about the positive, and, despite it all, there have been plenty of things to be grateful for this week...let's explore those shall we?

1. On Saturday I treated Joe to a breakfast at Bills restaurant in town (can't beat a birthday breakfast!). I am so in love with their pancakes, which are always delicious, but I also had my very first fresh mint tea (see picture above!) - it was super tasty. I am always grateful for the times I get to spend enjoying good food with lovely company.

2. Hedgehogs. One evening this week we were sat watching tv when I saw something shoot past our patio window. Low and behold it was a gorgeous little hedgehog on his/her way to have a drink out of Gizmo's water tray. I was over the moon to have it in the garden and pleased it found the water as I know that dehydration is a common reason why they can unfortunately pass away sometimes. People, please put a little saucer of water (not milk) on the ground so the little hoggies can get to it. (I also think that the hedgehog may be responsible for gobbling down Gizmo's biscuits that we put outside when she wanders off at night as they have been very messed up for the last couple of weeks and Giz is not a messy eater!)

3. A supportive email. The lovely Michelle, who happens to have a rather awesome blog, sent me a really nice email yesterday, following a blog post I had put up, and it was just what I needed at that moment in time, so thank you gorgeous lady bird for your motivational words ;-)

4. Getting the time to train. The last couple of weeks I have been working my butt off to make sure I have regular and varied exercise sessions and I have been really enjoying everything that I have been doing, despite some old injuries hanging around and some good old-fashioned aches and pains from moving my body like a nut case (I don't necessarily mind those kinds of aches and pains though as I feel I have worked hard). There was only one morning where I had to get ever-suffering Joe to go and get me a hot water bottle as I was in so much pain between my shoulder blades I couldn't actually get out of bed. A couple of Nurofen, some heat and a stretch sorted it though!

5. Relaxing hours spent watercolour-ing and watching programmes on Netflix. Having been forced into stepping away from my computer I was able to focus on a really important part of my business venture...creating. I find painting really relaxing (once I know what I am doing that is, otherwise it is hell on earth!). Throw some YouTube or Netflix on in the background and I can be working for hours upon hours without realising the time...heaven.

In other news: I have realised that my work-from-home uniform is stripes. Stripy t-shirts, stripy tunics and stripy socks (that's a lie, I am always bear-footed!) / my food obsession this week has continued to be rice cakes with peanut butter. I have now decided I had better not buy any more of these when I go shopping tonight as I literally have no self control with this snack / I ventured onto Periscope to see what all the fuss was about this week and have decided that I really don't think it's for me...if I know the person that is broadcasting I can ignore what drives me mad, but what is with all the endless hearts and stupid things people type whilst someone is talking. I guess that is the thing with social media these days, people can jump in and say something totally inappropriate and then just leave...grrr! / lastly, and I know you are going to scream at me, but I just cannot wait for autumn. Layers, scarves, jumpers...I love it. There is something really romantic about the smell in the air and everything changing colour and being all wrapped up and snuggled up that I adore. I know, I know...it is still summer!! Just saying though :-)

Have an amazing weekend everyone. xoxo


  1. I love how fellow bloggers are so supportive, it's the nicest thing about blogging I think :) Watercolouring does sound very relaxing too! x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

    1. The blogging community is pretty darn awesome huh? I have honestly made so many friends from blogging, it's lovely getting to know people more and I guess you already have a thing in common, so that's a great start! I highly recommend watercolour as means of relaxation...it's pretty wonderful :-) xx


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