14 August 2015


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Another week of August is over. It's been a funny old month so far to be honest guys, what with all my plans being scarpered by technology, but I think I am finally up and running again. This weeks tech issues were all internet based. The robots that run the web decided that they would make it so incredibly slow that no work could be done. My wonderful husband managed to figure it all out last night and (fingers crossed) we are back on track (I feel like I have said that a million time this month!). 

Let's jump straight into the happy list shall we. As cheesy as it sounds, when I have a stressful week, I find that writing my 'grateful list' is even more needed, as it is so easy to get lost in the crap of a bad week. Let's do this...

1. As much as I hate food being an emotive presence in life, sometimes you just need a hearty meal to make you feel all warm and content inside. That was certainly the case on Saturday. Joe and I jumped in the car and hot footed it over to my mum and dads place, something we rarely do together because of time and distance. But we were continuing his birthday celebrations and there was an offer of paella and garlic bread (oh, and birthday cake) and we never turn down food, especially mums paella! We came home with food babies and a garlic aura, but it was so good! Thanks mum!

2. Summer rain. There is something about a bit of a rain storm in the middle of summer that makes me feel all giddy inside. I love the smell in the air before it rains and that anticipation of the relief of a cooling breeze. It has been a funny old summer here in the UK, but I don't think there is too much to complain about, it's only weather, and weather is good! (I should get that made into a t-shirt...'weather is good!').

3. Cuddles with puppies that are softer than air! I was about to direct you to the photo containing the puppy in question but I am sure you can work it out! His name is Rodney ('Rodney, you plonker!' - sorry if you don't get the reference). He is a little cockapoo and was brought into work yesterday as he is being looked after by a colleague. It was love at first sight (don't tell Gizmo!). Animals make me happy. Fact. (Another t-shirt?). PS: If you read this list last week you may like to know that we still have our hedgehog visitor...they are such messy eaters aren't they?!

4. Couples training. I managed to convince Joe to train alongside me for one session recently and, I must admit, it was nice to have the company. I am totally motivated on my own, but sometimes, when I am feeling a bit...meh, it is nice to just have someone else there. It motivates me to keep going. That said, I had to give myself a bit of an off-timetable rest day yesterday. I slathered myself in Voltarol gel (an anti-inflammatory miracle worker!) and just napped for the Olympics. Training full on for almost three weeks took its toll. Back on it today though my friends!

5. Old jeans. I have been looking all over the internet (when it has been working..grr!) for a ripped pair of boyfriend jeans. To be honest, as I am not blessed in the money department, I have not been overly enthusiastic to spend my hard-earned cash on old looking jeans, so sort of gave up. until last weekend! I was rifling through my chest of drawers and stumbled upon some old jeans that I know I will never wear out in their current style again. Cue many google searches for ways to rip your own jeans...watch this space! 

In other news: I have been obsessing over Rosie's wedding and honeymoon blog posts as they have started to appear this week (Joe and I certainly need to save for a honeymoon!) / I am still buying peanut butter, after telling you guys last week that I needed to STOP! / This week I discovered a new blog (new to me that is) and I cannot get enough of it. 'Her Lovely Heart' is a creative persons dream and crammed with inspiration, definitely check it out / I have also been loving (for over a month actually) Jessica's vlogs on YouTube. Having had a recent rant on my channel about people that, in my opinion, are not being true to themselves any more, Jess is a real breath of fresh air. Her diaries are just so sweet and she does a lot of healthy recipes throughout too, which I love. Find her channel here.

Anyway, I am off to take on Friday, so have an amazing day guys. :-)


  1. I love rain in summer, and I completely agree that weather is just weather! I've enjoyed having some time off this summer and haven't cared in the least that it hasn't been swelteringly hot - who wants to be sticky and sweaty anyway?!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. Hi Jenny! I totally agree, no one wants to be a sweaty mess...bring on autumn! I love wrapping up in big scarves and knitted beanies, so cosy! Just been checking out your blog too, so cute! Sorry for taking so long to comment back, still having big computer issues this end! Have a fab weekend xx

  2. Words can't describe how excited I am for crock pot season. You know, those hearty comfort foods that give you the warm fuzzies? (;

    I too love a good old summer rain. Especially when it's hot. Something about the smell really mellows me out.

    I read your little rant and totally agree. There aren't many people out there that really give me a sense of "real" anymore. I have a YouTube addiction, so I'll have to check out Jessica's vlogs! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You cannot beat hearty comfort foods can you, and pub lunches after chilly walks...hot tea also! Today actually feels really autumnal here, a nip in the air and that amazing smell that appears in the air in early autumn, I love it! (sorry for the delayed response to your lovely comment - huge computer issues this end!) xx


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