10 August 2015


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I mentioned in last Thursdays blog post that, recently, I have felt some shifts in myself... some changes that made me realise (without me consciously considering anything) that my 'life-priorities' have altered. 

Since I became aware of this shift I have been doing what I am great at: over analysing and thinking 'why do I feel different?', 'why do I suddenly want different things?' and 'wow, this actually feels really damn good!'. I put it down to all the positive podcasts, blog posts and books/articles I have been reading lately. I think they have slowly been seeping into my psyche and changing my thought patterns and processes... gotta watch those positive pocasts, they are sneaky little buggers! 

As a huge believer in continuous self-growth I am always looking for new things to give me some excitement or to teach me something new, but, lately, I am feeling this in a different way. I want to experience life at its core; look for experiences within nature or within myself, rather than looking for a fast adrenaline rush like I used to. It is time to step out of the four walls of home (although this is easier said than done given that I work long hours, blog, YouTube, exercise at home and now have my new business project...I'm remaining positive guys!).

So last night, I drew up a small bucket list of things I would like to do. Truthfully, all that will hold me back is the money to do some of these things, but I am going to make it my mission to at least try and experience tasters in some of these things, where relevant, to see whether they are for me or not. I also figure that writing this down will mean that I have made a commitment out loud, so to speak, and I am far more motivated when I have told someone I am doing something rather than keeping it in my head!).

Once you have read my short list, tell me in the comments if you have done or do any of the things on my list. Perhaps you have some recommendations or advice? Tell me what things are on your list too, share them with me, if you would like to, in the comments below.

Let's jump in to my little list of mini dreams shall we?

:: Learn to paddle board
I have wanted to learn how to surf for as long as I can remember but, more recently, I have been day-dreaming about spending some time out in the ocean paddling about, viewing the coast from a new perspective. I guess this one will remain on my list until we go back to Cornwall again (where I have already been pricing up some taster sessions!). If you do this, or have done it before, tell me what your experience was! I'd love to know.

:: Stargazing
Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while will already know that I am a space geek. (If you are new to this place then you should certainly check out my 'About Me' section for a laugh!) I would love to pack up the car in the middle of the night and drive to a super remote area, unaffected by light pollution and simply sit and look up but aside from that I am determined to go somewhere that you can see the Milky-way. For me, looking up at the nights sky reminds me that we all exist on this tiny, beautiful planet, floating about in a vastness that we will never fully understand and that makes me tune back in to how wonderful nature is.

:: Go on a yoga/meditation retreat
I am a beginner at yoga and a extreme beginner at meditation (I have the attention span of a gnat) but I really fancy experiencing a retreat to help clear my mind and re-centre myself. I think I am channelling my inner hippy to be honest. I just fancy having a whole stretch of time focusing on learning to de-stress, relax and have some time spent at a slower pace.

:: Climbing
Learning to climb is something I have always wanted to do. My upper body is the weakest part of me so I know it would be a challenge but it is challenging my body that I enjoy more than anything. I think I will stick to learning in-doors for now as I am not sure I have the bottle for actually climbing up a cliff, that kind of freaks me out - it is definitely more about the physical challenge for me.

:: Take a trip to the Isle of Skye.
This may be the next trip Joe and I do. It's remote location appeals to us both and I think it would lend itself to being an amazingly inspirational place to kick-start the creative juices...it may even be good for star-gazing too (Scotland gets clear skies sometimes right?!).

There you have it, my top five things to do before I'm 40. I have five and a bit years to get on these!  
What makes your list?


  1. These are some really fun and unusual wishes :) I'd actually love to do some stargazing too and a yoga retreat sounds so relaxing! x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

    1. Hi Sinead, I have fancied a yoga retreat for a while...I'm pretty sure I'd be totally shown up by the pros though :-s Thanks for reading :-) xxx

  2. Hello Lucy, not stalking you today just had some free time to be able to get lost in reading blogs and watching vlogs. Me and the hubster tried paddleboarding last year and now have a humongerous! paddleboard hanging in our conservatory. We just loved it. We live right near the beach which is ideal. I had no fear to start off with (not like me) until a big wave caught me (being a bit dramatic the sea was very flat) so probably a slight bump hit me and I fell off hitting my rib as I fell. This freaked me out but I stuck with it. It isn't as easy as it looks. It is fun though but not sure I'll ever look like Jennifer Aniston does or do a yoga headstand! Good luck x (IG seasidehelen)

    1. Hi gorgeous lady! I can't believe you have a paddleboard! I am totally jealous! I am beyond desperate to try it out. (I am also jealous that you live right near the sea - that is our plan someday too, and I really cannot wait for that to be our reality). Hope you are doing okay lovely...see you over on Instagram! xx


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