1 July 2015


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Apparently it is now July. How?

Every year gets busier and busier and I can only assume that at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, it'll all calm the heck down again. How was last month for you? How did you spend your time? Let me know in the comments! For now, though, let me delve into my memory of the month of June...

Making | many, many watercolour designs.
Cooking | gluten free brownies (yum!).
Drinking | water, water, water. 
Reading | literally nothing. It was a month of zero time to sit and read, but I did listen to an awesome audiobook by Matt Haig called 'Reasons to Stay Alive' - highly recommend this if you suffer or know anyone who suffers with depression and/or anxiety.
Wanting | more summer clothes for work...I'm melting!
Looking | at business name brainstorms and feeling a headache coming on (as an update to this comment...may have worked this one out...almost...ish!)
Playing | a lot of Royal Blood and, as a contrast, Lionel Richie. Blame Glastonbury for the latter. 
Deciding | to give up being stubborn and go to the doctors about my excruciatingly painful knuckles.
Wishing | for a few weeks of to enjoy some quiet time and re-centre my poor brain.
Enjoying | the countdown to H and R's wedding...not long to go and we are so excited to have been invited! (xxx)
Waiting | for the final school bell to ring on 22nd July and to have most of the building to myself :-)
Liking | being a wife (3 months into it and it is pretty darn awesome).
Wondering | what is going on in the world at the moment and feeling pretty low about it. In the bigger scheme of it, is it really necessary to treat one another this way?
Loving | treat meal days (obviously!).
Hoping | for a lot more time with the hubby over the summer months, once schools out.
Marvelling | at the awesomeness of some of the ladies in my life that help me push forward and remind me of the important things.
Needing | a proper holiday.
Smelling | my new Clarins perfume.
Wearing | baggy t-shirts and training leggings. too much!
Following | my dreams, slowly but surely.
Noticing | more spiders about - yikes!
Knowing | nothing is permanent.
Thinking | about laying in a breezy room, reading.
Feeling | proud of my hubby releasing an album in a couple of weeks :-)
Opening | my journal, every night.
Giggling | as Joe rants about a certain rapper's performance at Glastonbury.

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