30 July 2015


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^^These beautiful flowers were at my lovely friend H's wedding a few weeks ago, gorgeous huh?^^

(Woo-hoo! I'm back on-line...it has been a horrendous few weeks of technology issues but, thanks to help from my hubby and the wonderful IT team at work, I am able to post on here again...still unsure about being able to edit videos at the moment though so bear with me if YouTube is your thing!)

Today I wanted to talk about being married. People keep asking me 'how's married life?' and I always respond 'great!'. As someone who really wasn't fussed on getting married I guess I had never built up any expectations of what I thought it would be like, but when I met Joe I knew I wanted to marry him and knew that our relationship was already darn awesome and so marriage was just something to join us together in a more legal way I guess.

What has changed for us? Nothing we can show you that's for sure, but there has been an invisible change, a shift in some part of my brain that makes me feel like I belong to something amazing, someone amazing. This feeling just happened (and it is wonderful). 

I feel part of my own little family now, Joe, me and Gizmo (yep, the cat is family people, get over it!). I'm am beyond content when it is pouring rain outside and we are all snuggled up on the sofa, warm and cosy. Did I feel like this before we got married? Yes. Does it feel different now? Hell yes - who knows why, it just does!

Although we don't want a family of our own we still feel like a family and that is pretty amazing. We are best friends, a unit and we have each others back in a far more connected and passionate way then before. I'm telling you guys, nothing beats that, it really doesn't.

So, in a matter of months I have become a huge cheerleader for marriage, after never really seeing the point. Seeing two people totally in love and getting wed, for all the right reasons, makes me an emotional wreck because I remember saying my vows to Joe and knowing that, from that moment on, we were each others, for life.

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  1. I completely get this. It was similar for me! And yes, cats are part of the family :)


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