28 July 2015


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I am frantically typing this up at work right now so need to keep it brief! 

Just thought I had better update you (you will already know this if you are on my Facebook Page however) - something happened, something that sent me in to a frantic state of hoo-ha (yep, that is a medical condition!).

Here is it...

My computer is dead. Dead as a door nail (I have never understood that saying).

I thought I had lost everything but, after calming down and staring blankly at my ever-patient hubby whilst he explains things that are way too technical for my tired brain to compute, we (well, he) managed to save my work. This is all to be confirmed of course as I haven't actually opened the files yet.

I lost my Photoshop, my editing software and all manner of things I like to use for my blog and YouTube. 

I need therapy.

I think another solution may be sorted by the end of the week so please bear with me, I am not on strike, I promise.

See you all soon...on the other side of what will forever be known as 'Crappy Tech Week'.


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