31 July 2015


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^^Some snaps from my Instagram over the last 14 days, including H's delicious wedding cake^^

I cannot tell you guys how amazing it feels to be back on the blog with a computer that works. It feels great! I really hope you are all okay and that you haven't given up on me altogether :-s

So, other than big computer failure not too much has been going on. Right now is my manic time at work so I have been mostly sorting out summer school programmes and getting things in place for the September term (I can't believe I am saying September already...how!?!). I have been trying to work on my business plans to but. as you can imagine, recent technology melt downs have prevented too much happening. But I am staying upbeat and positive about it all. What you can't change there is no point worrying about I guess.

I figured that (for this week only) rather than rounding up one week I am going to list some things I have been grateful for over the last couple of weeks, since I have not been here to tell you for a while. Be sure to say 'hello' in the comments and tell me what you have been up to also, let's have a chat!

Things I am grateful for (the extended addition!):

1. The Being Boss podcasts that have more than inspired me of late. They are perfect for my hour-long commute and I have been playing catch-up on the old ones so always have something to listen to. For anyone out there with a blog or creative business I highly recommend this for a listen - amazing!

2. Sharing a very special day with H and R as they got married. It was amazing to be invited and we both had the best time. We booked a hotel for two nights and embraced the wedding day from start to finish. I was slightly embarrassed to be full of tears from the minute we arrived at the church and had to be fanned down by Joe with the order of service...oh well! It was such a beautiful day and H, you looked gorgeous! :-) xx

3. Whilst we are on the subject of the wedding... Hotel breakfasts. Wow! I steered clear of the fried treats but had Greek yoghurt and granola with fresh berries, but the icing on the cake was definitely the mini pan au chocolate. Heaven.

4. Peanut butter on rice cakes. My new obsession unfortunately. After a week of weddings and work 'do's' I am back on the training and nutrition programme but I am having a small amount of peanut butter on a couple of rice cakes as my little treat. Seriously, I have to keep an eye on myself with that! Too good people, too good!

5. Sweet gifts from colleagues. As most of my colleagues run out of the school for six weeks (much deserved) holidays a few of us remain to work our magic ready for the new term. I work with some bloody wonderful people and they got even lovelier when they passed me a few pressies last week. I got a beautiful plant and a gorgeous photo frame, perfect for one of our wedding photo's to sit in on my desk. I am endlessly grateful for all their support and advice everyday and they are what makes my job so wonderful to be at everyday.

In other news; One of my favourite lifestyle bloggers, Rosie, from the blog Cider with Rosie, also tied the knot this month. I have been keeping up with (and slightly obsessing over) her beautiful Instagram pictures of her wedding and honeymoon / I will be writing a post soon on a few ways my life and thought process is shifting about of late but part of what I am attempting to do is spend more time in nature, as this is where I feel super at ease and rested. I decided I would send for the RSPB's '20 Ways to Give Nature a Home' booklet (you can actually download it too if you are interested). It made me cry when it arrived as some of the ideas are so cute and so lovely to do. Watch this space on that! / The September issue of my favourite magazine, Red, dropped through the post box yesterday. As I said above, I cannot believe we are so far through the year already, it seems unreal that we are getting autumn catalogues and magazines through now! But, if I am totally honest, I really don't mind a jot, as autumn is my fave! / Speaking of autumn, I finally got my paws on Mac's 'Plumful' lipstick, which I have wanted for a long time. I am treating myself to one thing every payday from there (ish!) and decided that shade was what I needed. I have been wearing it already just patted in to my lips but when winter comes around it is going to come into its own! / Lastly, I have recently discovered a new fitness YouTube channel which I am loving. It belongs to Nikki Blackketter, a bikini competitor from the USA. I am super into her vlogs as she shows all of her training and show prep - I love body-building but if you are not too into women with muscles you will probably be okay with this channel as the bikini category is really feminine. I have such admiration for these guys, the discipline is huge!

I hope you have all had an amazing week guys, let me know what you are up to in the month of August! 

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