11 July 2015


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^^A Saturday morning garden centre stroll was super healing and is highly recommended to soothe a tired soul^^

You may have noticed a slight absence this week! Apologies. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I travelled with the school I work for to the Rock Challenge competition, and that it was a 22 hour day. That week I went AWOL also. This week we went to the national finals of Rock Challenge, another 22 hour day, hence the tumbleweed on the blog. But the good news is that our wonderful students won! Best in the UK...amazing! Mix that day with a few late nights due to other work events and you have one very tired and headachy human being. I spent yesterday trying to work whilst battling the mother of all headaches. I honestly felt so rough I wanted to curl up into a ball and stay there. But, I'm back...hooray!

Better late than never is my new moto.

So, how are you guys? What's new with you? Let me know what you've been up to this week and why not tell me some of the things you are super grateful for this week too, I'd love to know.

In the mean time, here are my top five things:

1. Taking a chilled out stroll around the garden centre this morning with the hubby. I don't know about you guys but the garden centre is somewhere I feel entirely relaxed and happy. Watching the bees buzzing about between flowers and soaking up the sun whilst wandering about, taking in all the textures and colours, seems to work wonders when I am tired and a little deflated. We managed to get everything we needed on our minuscule budget and planted a few new beauties into our empty pots when we got home. A successful visit all round.

2. I am always grateful for my amazing husband but, more recently, I have been more grateful than ever for having a wonderful man who loves me even when I am struggling to love myself. For this, and many other reasons, he is my bestest buddy :-)

3. Vanilla ice cream with caramel salted chocolate broken up on top. Good old treat meals!

4. Concealer. Heaven knows where I would be without this wonder-product. That and my Bobbi Brown corrector are keeping me afloat at the moment! Sleep is very, very required right now as the lack of it is starting to show up in a big way on my face. Oh, blusher and tinted lip balm are also main characters in the 'let's make Lucy look human' drama.

5. A Paperchase delivery! Anything involving stationary is always bloody wonderful right? I went on the website for a couple of things and ended up with a basket of fab sale products! I love Paperchase damn it! I cannot help myself. I got a few of their cool postcards and an awesome new notebook that I love, as well as some sweet washi tape and another pack of their colourful mechanical pencils which I use all the time because I love how they write :-) 

I hope you are having a wonderful, restful weekend guys, please come and say hi below or on Instagram or my Facebook Page, I'd love to see you over there :-)

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