15 June 2015


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I actually intended to put up a YouTube video today which had a chatty update at the end of it, but the lighting was so terrible I didn't want to put it up! Sometimes that happens. I had spent a couple of hours preparing what I wanted to say and then filming it (and tidying everything up again!) and then editing the video, but when I uploaded it and watched it back it just did not cut it. Sad face.

So, I am going with a trusty faithful instead. A blog post.

Survey results
I wanted to just say a huge thank you to all you lovely people who completed a survey for me. I sat and had a good look through all your comments (and still have to respond to a couple of you who left email addresses for me - I will get there, I haven't forgotten you, I promise!).

In essence we are all in agreement that I will move my Monday YouTube video into the side bar and that you guys that watch my YouTube channel probably subscribe anyway so may not need it as a post. If you don't subscribe then you most definitely should! You can do so right here.

I also have a good idea of what you are enjoying as well as what you are happy to see more of, so thank you. My main point is to say that changes take time, so bare with me whilst I decide what I am doing with a few things. 

New ventures
Some of you may have noted, via some previous posts, that I am working with a coach at the moment. This is not to hone my hand/eye coordination or to make me the next Wimbledon Champion but it is to help me take steps towards the life I have wanted to lead for many, many years. If you saw this vlog I cryptically mentioned a 'project' I am working on. I am still not wanting to go into loads of details, as it is very early days, but I am willing to say that this 'project' is a small, creative business idea (gulp!). 

The important thing to note here is that this blog means the world and I love creating content for YouTube as well as on this very space, but I also have other irons in the fire and, let me tell you something, these irons take up an awful lot of time, time I really don't have going spare without having a little shift around. I work full time, commute a fair distance, work evenings and weekends on blogging and YouTube(ing) and so the thought of trying to set up a business in the gaps has been somewhat overwhelming. My lovely coach, Gemma Sands, has really helped me to dig down and realise what I need to shift about in order to start building my life the way I want it and to transition my blog into something that I want it to be also.

So, this is the main thing that I have realised lately: I do not want to be a blogger who rushes out content because I have to, or because I have lost track of time and need to get something on the blog asap. I want the content to be good, creative, honest and strong.

Whilst building my little business on the side I have made the decision to cut back on posts. I haven't quite decided by how much yet, but just enough to create room to move my business plan forward. Right now I am grabbing 30 minutes here, one hour there but, in truth, that is no where near enough to make a significant dent in any of my plans!

You guys all mean the world to me so I really appreciate you hanging on in there whilst I figure this all out. I am not going anywhere though, that is for certain.

Lastly, and I will be doing a video update on this soon, my mental health has been a little up and down. This is probably something to do with not getting any 'me' time. Gemma refers to this as 'self-care' and she really is spot on. To her, it is really important to have time to be still and quiet and reflect. Life cannot always be go, go, go (can it mum? - she is another one that is always telling me to slow down!). So, for my health and my sanity I am attempting to slow the 'eff' down. 

I am going to be replacing the time spent blogging with business stuff but it is all for the greater good and will, eventually, balance itself out...eventually.

That is where I am at right now. How about you? I'd like to mention here too that Gemma's podcasts, which you can find here, have been really helpful, as have the 'Make It Happen' series, by Jen from the blog Jenny Purr.

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