9 June 2015


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Hey there...

Just to let you know I have decided to take a little bit of time off from my blog, not too long, panic ye not, just this week. I will back with you next week, firing on as many cylinders as I can. In the name of being as transparent, as I usually am on here, I am just not myself right now but hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly :-)

I also just wanted to say that, whilst I am not posting, I am reviewing the survey results! So, thank you to all you guys who took the survey for me, I really appreciate it and will make my mind up soon on some of the little tweaks I want to make.

I hope you guys all have a fab rest of week and I will see you on the flip side (that's next week to anyone in my age bracket...just trying to appeal to the hip and trendies among us - I think I will stop doing that as of...now!).

Take care guys, see you soon.



  1. Hope you have a nice restful week m'dear! I've missed all your recent posts from being on my holibobs and the like so I'll be reading those in your absence :-) Take care, Kat xx


  2. Hope you're feeling rested and relaxed and ready for the weekend! Sending lots of love

    1. Thank you :-)
      I hope you have had a great week. Loving your blog so much! I see you have been listening to the Jenny Purr Podcast 'Make It Happen' also! I was on her site commenting and saw your comment! They are fab podcasts aren't they? xx


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