26 June 2015


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I feel like I haven't been at home, sat at my desk on a Friday morning for weeks. It has been a super-busy time and so the first thing I feel grateful for is being in the comfort of my own home with my lovely hubby... I haven't seen an awful lot of him of late. 

I hope you guys are doing well and that you have had a wonderful week? What are you up to this weekend? Let me know in the comments! I am going to be throwing paint around and mind-mapping some business bits and bobs (which the Monica Geller in me is looking forward to!). I am also looking forward to tonights 'treat meal', which is home made pizza and a chocolate orange that a work colleague left in my tray on Monday. I have purposefully left it at work all week to reduce the temptation to just lock myself in my office and stuff my face. It's been hard, let me tell you.

Anyway, let's get to the highlights of this week, the gratitude list...

1. Lavender pillow spray. I have recently switched up my night-time ritual. I try my best to put my phone down once the alarm has been set and not re-visit it at all. I then do some journaling (more to come on that at some point) and spray some of my lavender pillow spray - I got mine on a recent jaunt to a National Trust property and they had some in the gift shop, oh, how I love a gift shop! As much as I have heard various people talk about lavender pillow sprays and how much of a difference they can make I have never really thought that they would work. It could be totally psychological but I do feel more relaxed and if I wake in the night I can still smell it and it is super soothing. Hey, whatever, it works for me!

2. Bird shadows (bear with me on this one!). On Wednesday, when I got home, I was standing out in the garden with Joe (we were watching a Spitfire cruising about in the sky) when I spotted a funny little show going on. Our garage roof was in shadow on next doors wall and, although we can't see our roof 'live' from our garden, I could see it in silhouette via the house opposite. I watched as several feathered friends hopped along the top, chasing each other and chirping away. It made me smile and laugh as they jumped about. So cute to see.

3. Little Gizmo running after my car when I got home yesterday. There's a road, just off of one of the main roads on our estate, that runs in front of several houses on the way to our house at the very end. I pulled into that road at about 9.30pm last night to find our 'little bear' sat in the middle of it looking up and down the street (she was probably looking for birds but I like to think she was waiting for me!). As I slowly drove past her she picked up speed and ran after my car, all the way up the road to meet me. I love that furry bear.

4. Poppies springing up wherever they please. We have so many poppies in random places near home. One has sprung up in between Joe's car and mine, and I love them. Driving home and seeing a whole field of bright red is wonderful.

5. Dark chocolate and orange rice cakes. As I was working late yesterday I treated myself to a little snack to have after my dinner. They were so yummy (and gluten free!).

Other things that I have been up to this week: I put up two YouTube video's this week. You may have seen the first one but I also put up an update video...check it out here! / I have been mentally buying a million things from Bodens summer collection, like these shoes, this skirt and these shorts (and pretty much any of their basic tee's and stripey tops!) / listening to Muse's new album 'Drones', I am in love with the first half of the album and need to listen more to the rest! You know what it's like with albums, you tend to repeat your top tracks until you are bored of them! I do like a bit of Muse though / on the topic of music, my talented hubby is working on releasing an album with his band and so we have been listening to tracks all week. For some unknown reason he likes my opinion. I go all Bob Rock in the 'directors chair' though. Need to reign that in a bit I think!

Have an awesome weekend everyone. Have a fab one xoxo

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  1. Lavender pillow spray isn't something I've ever thought of using before although I did once have some balm stuff to put on your wrists to help with sleep and it really worked. I must look into getting some x


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