5 June 2015


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^^For a thorough explanation of the above madness see #1^^

There's no sugar coating this week for me, it has been a tough one. That said, however rough things have been it is always damn important to find small things to be thankful for. Let's kick this off with a funny little art installation created by my hubby...

1. On Wednesday afternoon I came home to a sock picture (see above!). Can we look past the very strange sock collection that I own (to be honest that is just the tip of the iceberg!) and bring our attention to what Joe created here. Exhibit a: on the far left of the picture we have Geoffrey and Morris (Geoffrey is the dog by the way). This unlikely pair are our little lucky mascots. Geoffrey was made by me, from a craft pack, the day after we got engaged and Morris was bought from a little shop in Cornwall after I felt sorry for him sitting there all alone. Just a side note - they are reading Country Living magazine! Exhibit b: the sock collage. Note the 'L' and 'J' carefully crafted out of scruffy socks! The red and blue stripey socks are known as my 'ruggers' (as in rugby socks and, before you ask, no, I don't play rugby!). This made me smile when I came home though! :-)

2. I have said this before, but I work with some amazing people. I am always grateful for them but this week I am especially grateful. That's all I'm going to say.

3. Our new Gizmo routine. Recently I have developed a new evening ritual with Gizmo. I started it because she was shedding so much hair that she needed more grooming than usual. So, after dinner, I wander through to the kitchen, closely followed by our little bear, trotting along behind, and I grab her 'noms' (whatever treats she is currently okay with eating) and her brush and we head back to the lounge and sit on the floor. She merrily roles around purring whilst I brush her and then headbutts me until she gets her treat. She then hops out the patio door to go and show the world how posh she is looking. I love these few minutes of time spent doing this, she is a super mood booster. I love that moggy.

4. Painting to some pretty awesome music. You may know I love my loud, rock music, but this week I have been listening to something a little more peaceful as I work. Joe gave me a copy of the Journey soundtrack. Journey is a game he has on his PS3 and it is pretty amazing and very sweet (that's a good review considering I rarely 'do' computers). The soundtrack is beautiful, think gentle, orchestral magic! This track, called 'Nascence', is simply stunning and sends shivers up my spine. 

5. On a slightly shallower note...I am extremely grateful for my Bobbi Brown corrector, which arrived in the post today. My black bags will be forever thankful. 

I hope all of you guys have had an amazing week. If you haven't had a chance to do my blog survey yet (thank you to all you guys who have) please click here if you fancy answering the quick questions (it will take about 3 minutes!). Thank you for being here and for reading my blog. You guys all mean the absolute world to me. 


  1. That sockage (like collage but with socks - yeah, I made it up) is so sweet - such a nice thing to come home to.
    I'm also certain that brushing/stroking/grooming any pet is about the most soul restorative thing on the planet, especially when they're loving it.
    I pulled my trainers back on following a rubbishy cold this week and have been sitting in the sunshine on our glorious new decking - all good in Devon.
    M Xx

    1. 'Sockage' - you are not just a hat rack are you lady?! Animals truly are the best thing to make you feel better aren't they?! Gizmo is only 'loving' her brushing because of the treat part I'm sure! Glad you are doing good and the dreaded cold has gone. I quite fancy some decking too... we rent right now though so are stuck with stupid patio tiles that are lifting up because of a tree. You need danger money to sit out there! Have a fab weekend xx

  2. Anything with socks in is a win with us, and this is just cute. Hate to go on a Sock Tangent here, but they are extremely underrated. And similarly to Michelle, brushing/grooming pets is great for the soul and they love it too - well The Dog does.

    We love your '5 Things I Am Grateful For' pieces - it's great to just sit back and think about what made you happy throughout the week. It's always the little things!! H,H & TD x

    1. Ah thanks for your lovely comment! You are so right about socks (I have SO many of them too...I can't resist a colourful sock!) My old collie dog used to love being brushed...dogs are easier than cats in that respect! (I nearly wrote 'socks are easier than cats'...that is true also!) :-)


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