3 June 2015


Joe and I treated ourselves to a National Trust membership when we were away getting married in April, mostly because we spend a small fortune parking in National Trust car parks and going for amazing walks along the protected Cornish coastline, but also because we love to visit historic properties and wander about in the grounds. We both find this super inspiring and very relaxing to do, especially in the spring/summer months.

Last weekend, deciding we were in desperate need of getting out the house, we flicked through the information pack that we received with our membership, and had a look at what was on offer in our area. We quickly chose Mottisfont, a stunning property just over half an hour away from home, with the most beautiful grounds and walled garden I think I have seen (maybe Hever Castle in Kent slightly tops it, but to be honest that is more down to the Tudor history, which I am obsessed with!).

Honestly though guys, if you are local to Hampshire/Wiltshire you have to visit Mottisfont, it blew my mind completely and was the perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday morning. Rather than waffle on about it, trying to explain how amazing it is, I thought I would pop a series of photo's below for you to see its beauty for yourselves...

 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont_zpsfwrgebxo.png
^^The tour takes you through the property's 800 year history^^

 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont1_zps9ijzicov.png
^^ Getting there before opening was well worth it, we had an hour strolling around the grounds before heading into the house^^

 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont3_zps3xss6dbv.png
^^The walled garden is a gardeners dream, not to mention how romantic walking around hand in hand felt here^^

 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont2_zpsmecoc9g3.png
^^Around every corner felt like a scene from a magical childrens movie^^

 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont5_zpstpvw8nv8.png
^^What is it about being surrounded my beautiful flowers within a walled garden that transports you a million miles from home...^^

 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont4_zpssyxtnmw5.png
 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont6_zpsmdmpf0rh.png

 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont7_zpsydfr0olw.png

 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont8_zpsrfoxp8ds.png
^^Once in the house you are free to explore the maids chambers as well as the main rooms^^

 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont9_zpsjjbd36ia.png
^^A little blurry, but I couldn't resist taking a photo of these guys, I can only imagine what they must have seen!^^

 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont12_zpszysgmbi5.png
 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont13_zpsi8obm7e3.png

 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont11_zpsceue2lxf.png
^^This doorway led through to a very old part of the building, from when it was a priory^^

 photo fromlucywithloveMottisfont10_zpsemuzovcq.png
^^A quirky little mirror selfie!^^

Have you visited Mottisfont? Let me know what you thought if you had. We absolutely loved it. They have some wonderful exhibitions on in the gallery, located upstairs in the property. I am particularly looking forward to going back around October time when they have a display of art celebration trees and nature, something I spent one year of my art degree printing and drawing. We shall certainly be going back to this wonderful place and I love the fact that it is only 30 minutes away from home.

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