6 May 2015


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I started to type this post and, for some reason, I decided to check on the posts I had previously started writing and not finished. The following words were drafted in September last year. For some reason I didn't write any more on the subject, but I thought I would start today's post with them as they clearly meant something at the time...

Let's talk about strength.

We are all so much stronger than we think.

We will survive better than we imagine and come out the other side so much wiser and more determined.

Each struggle we go through makes us more resilient and helps us realise that we can't always control the things we want to control and that, sometimes, shit happens. But sometimes shit happens and things get brighter.

Fast forward to today... I clearly thought these words not worthy of a post, but seeing as my intention today was to write about strength, I threw caution to the wind about my double use of the 's' word (sorry mum) and used my notes to kick us off.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about strength recently, mental strength that is (although I am strangely physically strong for a girl!). Recently, I was minding my own business, when a little thought popped into my head and stated '...you are so much stronger and more capable than you used to be you know'. After thanking the positive feedback from yet another weird voice in my head, I really got to thinking about what an undercover littler blighter strength can be.

I mean, growing in strength in the gym is something you can measure isn't it, but we often don't realise how we have grown until way, way after an event. It is only after we have finished sobbing (and usually snotting) into our man-size tissue, and we are fully 'recovered' from the [insert appropriate trauma here] that we can truly see it all for what it was and think 'wow, I made it'.

Maybe it is the fact that I am older and wiser (cough, cough) that I now think about what lesson I was meant to have learnt from something crap that happened. As upset as I can, and always do get about things, I can honestly say that 99.9% of the time I manage to think 'okay, this is totally rubbish, I am hating life right now but I can and will cope with anything that comes my way'.

I try and see everything as a challenge. I do get totally lost in pain and hurt a lot of the time, but I am not scared to go it alone and fight my own battle, not at all actually. When did this happen? Since when have I been Zelda Warrior Princess (or whatever her name is!). I'll tell you what though, it feels bloody good. It took a few many crappy times to get me to this point so I have definitely earned my stripes.

As for any future battle, well, clearly I hope there are few (none), but if there are? Bring. It. On.

You may now be questioning the point of this post... I'm not sure I had a point now, other than: stand tall, brave it (whatever 'it' is), regardless of what is happening continue to be kind to people and when it is all over, stand back for a moment (go for a walk or sit quietly) and reflect. What have you learnt? What would you do differently next time? Most importantly, you made it and you rock!


  1. Love love love this! Clearly you started it when you were feeling feisty and take on the world-y and have picked it up today for the same reason. You're absolutely right of course, humans are built for endurance so the only option is to pick yourself up and learn from the down times.
    M x

    1. You are so lovely. I kind have writing bipolar I think...either cheesy and emotional or feisty and mad! Don't know about you but sometimes I just write something and think 'well, there wasn't any real point made in this post...' then just kinda hit 'publish' and see if anyone likes it! :-)


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